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標題: 利用塗佈參數最佳化來增加光阻利用率
Improved photo-resist utilization by optimization of coating variables
作者: 張志榮
Chang, Chih-Jung
關鍵字: coating
design of experiments
color filter
出版社: 材料科學與工程學系所
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摘要: 在彩色濾光片 (Color Filter) 的塗佈製程中,光阻的費用所佔的比例為所有耗材中第二名。因在實際生產中因考慮到成本無法使用大量條件來做測試,故利用田口實驗法來得到最佳化的參數。本實驗則分為兩階段實驗,第一階段是針對塗佈製程中噴嘴移動加速度、幫浦移動加速度、與噴嘴及幫浦之間移動時間差與塗佈液珠成形的量,四大因子利用田口實驗計畫的方法將塗佈參數最佳化以得到製程最佳參數,再接著縮短塗佈之距離,以達到縮簡製程光阻之用量同時也能增加產品尺寸設計對玻璃的利用率。第二階段則探討噴嘴移動加速度與噴嘴及幫浦之間移動時間差兩大因子,得知此光阻之塗佈下限區域及當噴嘴移動加速度與幫浦的移動速度相等時可以減少變異之因子而快速得到膜厚的參數。
Abstract In the coating process of color filter, consumption of photo-resist material ranks 2nd in manufacturing cost among all the consumption materials. The large testing cost involved in experiment by use of in-plant facilities limits number of the experiment that can be performed. Our purpose is to use Taguchi experimental design to optimize coating variables. The experiment is divided into two stages. The 1st stage uses Taguchi experimental design to examine four variables including nozzle movement acceleration, pump movement acceleration, the time gap between nozzle movement, pump movement, and coating bead amount. Experimental results show that utilization of the photo-resist is optimized by a proper control of coating variables, resulting in a reduced “coating distance” on glass. In the 2nd stage of experiment, acceleration of nozzle movement and the time gap between nozzle movement and pump movement have been further examined. Uniform thickness of photo- resist can be quickly obtained when the acceleration of nozzle movement and the gap between nozzle movement and pump acceleration are of equivalent speed.
其他識別: U0005-2006200609312000
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