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標題: Mg,Al-hydrotalcite皮膜的組成結構分析及於鎂合金表面之抗腐蝕特性研究
Corrosion Properties and Structural Characterization of Mg,Al-hydrotalcite Conversion Coating on Die-cast Mg Alloy
作者: 鄭凱勵
Jeng, Kai-Li
關鍵字: Mg,Al-hydrotalcite
Magnesium alloy
Conversion coating
出版社: 材料科學與工程學系所
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摘要: 本研究試圖提供鎂合金一個環保的化成皮膜處理。以二氧化碳製備HCO3– / CO32–水溶液為處理液,於AZ91D鎂合金表面生長一層Mg,Al-hydrotalcite (Mg6Al2(OH)16CO3•4H2O)皮膜,並探究其抗腐蝕特性。針對此皮膜與其前驅物探討其結構差異與抗腐蝕性。本實驗室先前成功研究出在AZ91D鎂合金表面生長一層Mg,Al-hydrotalcite皮膜並提升表面之抗蝕性,但製備具抗腐蝕性之Mg,Al-hydrotalcite皮膜製程時間需24小時。故本研究適時改變HCO3– / CO32–水溶液之pH值,使AZ91D鎂合金表面加速形成Mg,Al-hydrotalcite,製程時間可縮短至4小時。研究結果顯示Mg,Al-hydrotalcite前驅物並未具有結晶相hydrotalcite之雙層結構且結構散亂無規則性。前驅物經鹼性pH11.5 HCO3– / CO32–水溶液處理兩小時後,轉化為具雙層結構之Mg,Al-hydrotalcite皮膜。顯示以鹼性HCO3– / CO32–水溶液加速Mg,Al-hydrotalcite皮膜生長之可行性。極化分析可知表面生長Mg,Al-hydrotalcite鍍層可使AZ91D鎂合金的腐蝕電流密度由180
The study explores an environmentally clean method for the formation of Mg conversion coating. HCO3- / CO32- aqueous solution was prepared by bubbling CO2 gas through deionized water and taken as conversion coating solution to synthesize Mg,Al-hydrotalcite conversion coating on AZ91D magnesium alloy. We focus on the discussion of the structural characterization and the corrosion properties of Mg,Al-hydrotalcite and its precursor. It was found that Mg,Al-hydrotalcite precursor did not have crystalline double-layered structure like hydrotalcite, and the structure of precursor was disordered. After immersing in HCO3- / CO32- aqueous solution of pH11.5 for two hours, Mg,Al-hydrotalcite precursor was transformed into Mg,Al-hydrotalcite which had double-layered structure. It was clear that the feasibility of using alkaline HCO3- / CO32- aqueous solution to accelerate the formation of Mg,Al-hydrotalcite conversion coating. According to the polarization measurement, the AZ91D substrate had Icorr ~ 180
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