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標題: Chitosan/磷酸鈣鹽複合材料微球之製備與特性分析
Preparation and characterization of chitosan/calcium phosphate composite microspheres
作者: 黃士瑋
Huang, Shih-Wei
關鍵字: chitosan
calcium phosphate
出版社: 材料科學與工程學系所
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摘要: The porous calcium phosphate/chitosan composite microspheres could have been successfully synthesized in Ca(NO3)2‧4H2O, NH4H2PO4, and chitosan cantained aqueous solution by using hydrothermal method. Chitosan could be a chelating agent for the nucleation of CaP. The microstructure and chemical bonding of the microspheres were characterized by using scanning electron microscopy (SEM), X-ray diffractometry (XRD), transmission electron microscopy (TEM), FT-IR spectrometer, and specific surface area/porosimetry & chemisorption analyzer. The porous microphres exhibit a specific surface area 38.16 m2/g, pore size from 4~100nm, and pore volume 0.24 cm3/g. Because this composite microsphere has chitosan character and also has great porosity. They could be considered as drugs or catalysts carriers, and injectable powders of bone graft.
本研究利用水熱法成功的合成了多孔性磷酸鈣/chitosan的複合微球,chitosan會形成一個螯合劑來幫助磷酸鈣鹽成長,而多孔複合微球的結構跟化學鍵則利用掃描式電子顯微鏡、穿透式電子顯微鏡、X射線繞射儀、傅立葉轉換紅外線光譜儀、比表面與孔隙度分析儀、熱重分析儀、熱差分析儀來做分析。分析的結果指出本研究所合成出來的多孔性複合微球具有 38.16 m2/g 的比表面積,孔隙大小由4~100 nm,微孔及介孔比體積為0.24 cm3/g。因本研究所合成出來的多孔性複合微球具有著chitosan的特徵及良好的孔隙度,因此可以做來用藥劑或觸媒的載體,以及可注射骨粉等用途。
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