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標題: 粒子群演算法於結構構件之最佳化斷面
Particle Swarm Optimization for cross-sectional size of frame-structures
作者: 曾乙申
Tzeng, yi-shen
關鍵字: 粒子群演算法
Particle Swarm Optimization
best-cross sectional
出版社: 土木工程學系所
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摘要: 本文研究目的,利用粒子群演算法分析鋼結構之最佳斷面。考慮結構受各種邊界條件之影響。 利用粒子群演算法,求得結構受各種邊界條件影響之最佳斷面。結果顯示,當容許位移為1 cm 以及容許沉陷為2.5 cm時,所求得結構構件之最佳斷面均在合理範圍內。
The purpose of this study is to utilize particle swarm optimization approach for the optimization of steel structure cross-section. The effect of structure on various boundary conditions is considered. Using particle swarm optimization technique, the best-cross sections of steel structural members on various boundary conditions are obtained. If allowable lateral deflection is 1 cm and allowable subsidence is 2.5 cm, it is shown that the optimized cross-sectional areas of structural members are reasonable.
其他識別: U0005-2808201317160100
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