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標題: 純鎂表面生長鎂鐵碳酸根雙層氫氧化物及其在模擬體液中的抗蝕性研究
Direct growth of Mg-Fe-CO3 layered double hydroxide on pure Mg and its corrosion property in conventional simulated body fluid
作者: 辜泓熙
Ku, Hung-Hsi
simulated body fluid
layered double hydroxide
出版社: 材料科學與工程學系所
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摘要: Mg-Fe-CO3 雙層氫氧水合物(Mg-Fe-CO3 LDH)已被證實具備生物相容性,常以粉末形式存在,被視為藥物釋放與吸收載體。本研究於純鎂表面成長Mg-Fe-CO3 LDH 薄膜,該薄膜提升基材於模擬體液(c-SBF)中的抗蝕性。成膜過程中,純鎂在CO2pH4.6/20h的化成處理中,可得微細Mg-Fe-CO3 LDH 結構,而在CO2pH6.0/20h條件時,Mg-Fe-CO3 LDH明顯粗大。重複地滑動在Mg-Fe-CO3 LDH的表面,可以形成平滑但略為粗糙的表面。透過穿透式電子顯微鏡(TEM)的Mg-Fe-CO3 LDH橫截面觀察,可以得知共有Mg-Fe-CO3 LDH、中間層以及最底層。最頂層為Mg-Fe-CO3 LDH厚約為1um,中間層厚約為2~2.5um以及最底層厚約為1~2um。透過TEM的能量散射光譜儀(EDS)的分析,Mg-Fe-CO3 LDH有鎂、鐵、氧和碳,而中間層和最底層的組成有鎂、碳和氧。
Mg-Fe-CO3 layer double hydroxide (Mg-Fe-CO3 LDH) has been investigated that is highly biocompatible and is low cytotoxicity. LDH usually be synthesized into powder, and is utilized to be a drug delivery. This work presents a method for directly forming Mg-Fe-CO3 LDH on the pure Mg substrate and the coating of the Mg-Fe-CO3 LDH could increase the ability of corrosion-resistant in C-SBF at 37.5 。C. Moreover, the size of the platelet-like structure of Mg-Fe-CO3 LDH is affected by the pH value of the Fe3+/HCO3-/CO32- at 70 。C. the size of the platelet-like structure of Mg-Fe-CO3 LDH the CO2pH6.0/20h sample is bigger than the CO2pH4.6/20h sample. Repeatedly sliding on the CO2pH4.6/20h sample could be an effective way to change the morphology of the CO2pH4.6/20h sample. From the cross-sectional observation of the CO2pH4.6/20h sample by TEM, Mg-Fe-CO3 LDH (the top layer), the middle layer and inner layer were observed. The thickness of Mg-Fe-CO3 LDH is around 1um, the middle layer is around 2~2.5um and the inner layer is 1~2um. The Mg-Fe-CO3 LDH is composed of Mg, Fe, C and O. Moreover, the middle layer and the inner layer are composed of Mg, C and O.
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