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標題: 高淨空鋼管門型鷹架支撐現地監測系統
In Site Monitoring System for High-Clearance Scaffold Shores
作者: 林朝琴
關鍵字: scaffold shores
monitoring system
出版社: 土木工程學系
摘要: 在營建工程中,鋼管門型鷹架常作為施工中之臨時支撐架,尤其是在高淨空狀態下。施工中之臨時支撐架若倒塌必然造成大量人員傷亡及財物損失。本文擬從事分析及試驗工作,並據而提出一套現地監測鷹架支撐系統之方法,期使工地上之生命財產安全多一份保障。 監測之項目包括垂直荷重及側向位移兩項,本文將提出應在何處監測軸向荷重及建議容許軸向荷重之大小;同時也提出應在何處監測側向位移及建議容許側向位移之大小。最後並以兩個現場試驗來驗證此監測方法的適用性,由現場試驗結果顯示,本文中軸向荷重及側向位移兩參數的分析結果與現場試驗所得結果尚為相符。
Scaffolds are often used as temporary supports during construction, especially in high clearance situation. The collapse of the temporary supports will cause a great deal of loss of lives and property. This paper intends to offer, based on analysis and experiments, a monitoring method for scaffold shoring system. The items to be monitored are the axial loads and the lateral displacements. This paper will propose where to monitor the axial loads and the magnitudes of the allowable axial loads. At the same time, this paper will propose where to monitor the lateral displacement and the magnitude of the allowable lateral displacement. Finally, two tests in sites were performed to verify the validity of the suggested monitoring method. The test results show that the analytical results of axial load and lateral displacement correspond with the results of site test. Therefore the suggested monitoring method of this paper is applicable.
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