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標題: 有限體積法在暴潮計算之應用
A Study on Calculating Storm Surge by Finite Volume Method
作者: 曾淵聖
Tzeng, Yuan-Sheng
關鍵字: Finite Volume Method
Storm Surge
出版社: 土木工程學系
摘要: 摘 要 本文係利用有限體積法,建立颱風暴潮計算模式。文中由淺水長波理論中的動量及連續方程式,利用垂直積分法由海底積分至水面,作為模式計算所需之控制方程式,因此模式將原本三維的問題,簡化為二維來處理。模式應用之有限體積法係將物理通率守恆的概念架構在網格上,並利用預測-校正顯示法進行數值計算,推算出暴潮水位及流場分佈情形。本模式因仍為發展之初期,故文中有若干條件皆予以簡化,以方便驗證比較。本文最後以建立之模式推算過去三種侵臺之颱風引致的暴潮水位,驗證模式之正確性。經與實測值比較的結果,證明本模式的預測具有良好的精度。
ABSTRACT In this study, a numerical model using finite volume method is developed to calculate the storm surge. Based on the theory of long waves, the governing equations are obtained from the depth-integral of the continuity equation and the momentum equation. Thus the three-dimensional problem is simplified to a two-dimensional treatment. In the finite volume method, the governing equations are first transformed into an equation with flux-conservative form and then calculated using an explicit predictor-corrector technique. The numerical model is verified well with the observations of three typhoons attacking the northeastern coast of Taiwan, though the complicated geometric boundaries are simplified. This study shows the reasonable results of the time history of storm surge, as well as the spatial distributions of both the water level and the current velocity.
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