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標題: 控制雌性大白鼠尿道之傳入及傳出神經元的分佈與型態
Distribution and Morphology of Afferent and Efferent Neurons Innervating Urethra in Female Rats
作者: 李哲文
Li, Che-Wen
關鍵字: urethra
出版社: 獸醫學系
摘要: 下泌尿道的功能包括了儲存和釋放尿液,並藉由腦幹與脊髓之複雜的神經系統控制著下泌尿道。在正常的狀態下,膀胱與控制下泌尿道之出口包括了膀胱頸及外尿道括約肌會相互協調。在儲尿時,膀胱會呈現靜止狀態而括約肌則呈現活化態;當排尿時,膀胱之迫尿肌會活化並造成收縮,而括約肌則會被抑制。為了瞭解整個下泌尿道如何作用,利用神經元追蹤劑Fluorogold來觀察控制不同段尿道之神經元型態及分佈情形。而本次實驗將Fluorogold注射至前、中、後尿道後,可以在T12-L2、L5-S2、與MPG之中可以發現標定之神經元。近端尿道組在L5-S2脊髓中之第七層所標定到之神經元之比例是有顯著性多中段與遠端尿道組。但是,其第九層所標定到神經元之比例卻顯著性低於在中段與遠端尿道組中。依據結果可以推測,近端尿道主要是受到副交感與體神經所控制,而中段與遠端主要是受到體神經控制。然而,在中段尿道組中T12-L2之第七層中所標定之神經元卻是遠少於前段與遠端尿道組,表示只有少數交感神經纖維分佈到中段尿道。推測在交感神經控制尿道功能,中段尿道作用比前端與遠段尿道來的少。由結果推測為前段尿道主要是由交感、副交感與體神經所調控,中段尿道主要是由體神經所控制,遠段尿道則由交感與體神經所調控。
The functions of the lower urinary tract (LUT), to store and periodically eliminate urine, are regulated by a complex neural control system located in the brainstem and spinal cord. Under normal conditions, the urinary bladder and outlet, consisting of bladder neck and external urethral sphincter (EUS) exhibit a reciprocal relationship. During urine storage, the bladder is quiescent and sphincter is active, whereas during micturition the detrusor contracts actively and sphincter is inhibited. For a full understanding of how the lower urinary tract works as a whole, functional entity, the urethral activity during micturition should never be neglected. We used fluorogold as a tracer to assess the distribution and morphology of neurons innervation different segments of urethra. This study has demonstrated that injection of fluorogold into either the proximal, middle or distal urethra in female rat can label neurons in the T12-L2, L5-S2, and MPG. The distribution of neurons in lanimae VII of L5-S2 for proximal urethra is significantly higher than middle or distal urethra. But in lanimae IX, percentage of neurons innervated proximal urethra is significantly lesser than that of middle and distal urethra. This result indicated that proximal urethra controlled by parasympathethic and somatic neurons, while middle and distal urethra controlled by somatic neurons. Since positive neuron number in laminae VII of T12-L2 for middle urethra is far lesser than proximal and distal segment suspect inference that the lower sympathetic fiber of controlling middle urethra is lesser important than that of proximal and distal urethra. These data suggest that proximal urethra regulated by sympathetic, parasympathetic and somatic neurons; middle urethra controlled by somatic neurons; distal urethra regulated by sympathetic and somatic neurons.
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