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標題: 二維T形管道內紊流濃度之混合效應
Turbulent flow mixing at the junction of a T-channel
作者: 宋邦壽
Song, Bang-Shou
關鍵字: Gas mixing
Valve stroking
Gas Mixing
出版社: 土木工程研究所
摘要: Besides electricity and oil, natural gas is one of the most popular energy re-sources in Taiwan.In order to provide high- quality gas fuel to local residentsand industries, the design and planning of gas pipelines then become important.Currently, part of the natural gas is imported from Indonesia and Malaysia. Howto prepare gas with acceptable quality by properly adjusting themixing propor-tions of different gases has been a major task of the local oilcompany. In theareas north to Jiayee, the gas is supplied mainly by BatzkungDistributed Stat-ion. About nine kilometers upstream, there exists a T-junction, connecting twopipelines carrying two sources of gases with different buringvalues. Since themixing process does not appear satisfactory,the gas contentsbecomes nonuniform, causing a significant increase of the operational cost. To explore the mixing mechanism and to obtain additional insight in the designof the junction, the flow characteristics around the junction of gas pipelineshas been investigated numerically in the previous NSC project(NSC 86-2221-E-005-003).
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