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標題: 臺灣高病原性馬立克氏病毒之分離鑑定及其防疫計畫之建立
Isolation and charactization of very virluent Marek's disease virus in Taiwan and establishment of its vaccination program
作者: 李宗玄
Lee, Tzong-Shyuan
關鍵字: Marek's disease
very virluent MDV
polyvalent vaccine
出版社: 獸醫學系
摘要: 採集自疑似雞馬立克氏病(Marek's disease,MD)病雞血液及脾臟病材 , 接種於雞胚胎纖維芽母細胞及小雞腹腔,共得到 7 株馬立克氏病毒( Marek's disease virus,MDV)。由 MDV 感染細胞之病變細胞,瓊脂沉降反 應,雞胚胎漿尿膜病變,及螢光抗體染色法結果,7株MDV可分成血清型共三 個 ,血清型1型的是LTB-1,LTB-2,LTB-3,LTS-1,LTS-2等5株,2型的LTB-4,3 型的 LTB-5。選取1型的LTB-1,LTS-1,Md/5株接種於肉雞,蛋雞和六種臺灣 土雞的實驗雞,可見實驗雞表現MD症狀和病變及免疫器官明顯萎縮,而經1 日齡HVT免疫接種,11日齡LTB-1攻毒接種後,仍然造成免疫雞之腫瘍病變及 早期斃死;根據病原性及HVT疫苗保護性試驗的結果,LTB-1,LTS-1株應屬於 vvMDV。由一日齡接種三種血清型苗的多價疫苗保護性試驗之結果顯示,二 價與三價疫苗的保護效果比單價疫苗好。
Inocula from blood and spleen of Marek's disease (MD) chickens were inoculated into chicken embryo fibroblast (CEF) and abominal cavity of day-old chicks. Seven isolates of Marek's diease virus (MDV) were isolated during the experiment.By the results of cyto- pathic effect, agar gel precipitation and fluorescent antibody tests , 7 isolates were divided into 3 serotypes : serotye 1 of strains LTB-1, LTB-2, LTB-3, LTS-1, LTS-2 ; serotype 2 of strains LTB-4; serotype 3 of strain LTB-5. Strain LTB-1, LTS-1 and Md/5 of the serotype 1 were used to inoculate into the experimental chickens of layers, broilers and six lines of Taiwan local chickens. By the results of pathogenic tests and protection tests of HVT vaccine , strain LTB-1, LTS-1 were considered to be the very virluent MDV (vvMDV). From the results of protection experiments, chickens were ino- culated by monovalent or polyvalent vaccine at 1 day- old,bivalent and trivalent vaccine showed highest efficacy .
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