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標題: 重型支撐架幾何形狀對承載能力之影響
Effect of Heavy Shoring Shapes on Loading Capacities
作者: 馮沛亭
FENG, Pei-Ting
關鍵字: Shoring
Loading Capacity
出版社: 土木工程學系
摘要: 本研究主要在探討改良後重型支撐架之承載能力、幾何形狀對承載能力之影響、以及經濟效益之評估,期望藉由數值分析瞭解前述各項子題之關係,並同時進行實體試驗來比對數值分析的準確性。 數值分析方面,本研究針對MC-43、MC-44及MC-46三類重型支撐架進行單層至二十層之模擬分析。試驗方面,本文針對MC-43單層至三層之試驗;針對MC-44單層至三層之試驗;針對MC-46雙層之試驗。 研究結果顯示,單層支撐架較矮時,比較偏向降伏破壞方式,承載能力較高;單層支撐架較高時,則比較偏向挫曲破壞,承載能力較低,不過由於都是在底下層挫曲破壞,因此挫曲荷重不會隨支撐架層數之增加而明顯減少。研究結果也顯示,單層較矮之支撐架較符合經濟效益。最後,本文之數值分析結果與試驗結果在承載能力及破壞模式方面都頗為符合。
This research mainly investigates the loading capacities of improved heavy-duty shoring, the effects of shoring shapes on loading capacities, and the economic assessment. Both numerical analysis and experiments were carried out and compared with each other to study the relations of above-mentioned subjects. In the aspect of numerical analysis, simulation analyses were proceeded from one level to 20 levels for shoring models of MC-43, MC-44 and MC-46. In the aspect of experiments, tests of one level to three levels for MC-43 model, tests of one level to three levels for MC-44 model and a two-level test for MC-46 model were performed in this study. The results of the study show that if the height of one-level shoring is smaller, it would fail in yielding failure pattern and its loading capacity would be relatively larger; if the height of one-level shoring is larger, it would fail in buckling failure pattern and its loading capacity would be relatively smaller. In regard to the shoring with buckling failure pattern, because all of the buckling occur in the bottom level, the loading capacities do not obviously reduce as the number of levels increases. The results of the study also show that a shorter one-level shoring has relatively higher economic benefits. Finally, basically speaking, the numerical analysis results and the test results quite match each other in both loading capacities and failure patterns.
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