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標題: 嵌入式系統應用於自動監測之可行性研究
A Feasibility Study of Embedded System Applied on Automatic Monitoring
作者: 何學承
關鍵字: Embedded System
Automatic Monitoring
出版社: 土木工程學系
摘要: 摘要 嵌入式系統(Embedded system)近年來已在各種工業自動化相關領域中應用,獲得相當良好的結果,於此研究引用嵌入式系統應用於地滑地自動監測的可行性。原有之梨山地滑區自動監測自1996年陸續建置以來,一直使用電話撥接來接收梨山自動監測站的資料,由於無法達到資料傳輸的『即時性』,希望利用嵌入式系統與無線傳輸系統達到資料的即時傳輸,並且透過網際網路將即時資料顯示,以利預警功效之發揮。 研究運用嵌入式系統WINCON8000來取代梨山原有的監測系統。WINCON8000使用WIN CE.NET系統,加上利用VB.NET撰寫紀錄與傳輸程式,並運用2.4GHz無線傳輸來溝通與傳遞訊息,整體系統藉由自動監測站的即時傳輸資料後交由電腦處理,經由所建立的管理基準值及即時觀測結果,再利用網際網路將即時資料顯示於網站並且即時顯示現場狀況及判釋是否達到注意、警戒標準,以供作防災指揮之依據。 利用WINCON8000系統應用於現場監測結果探討,得到初步結論簡述如下: 1. WINCON8000系統應用於現場監測有高度的相容性。 2. 模組種類眾多可以應用於各種監測儀器。 3. 可使用網際網路達到即時資料傳輸。 4. 利用VB.NET撰寫程式,可配合不同的現地需求撰寫不同程式。
ABSTRACT Nowadays, embedded system for data collection and control has been proved working successfully in a variety of fields. In this reserch embedded systems are proposed to be the core machine in automatic monitoring for a landslide site. Since 1996 in this Li-shan landslide monitoring, system, information received are transmitted through telephone line connection, which can not transmit information immediately. Therefore, by combining embeded and wireless systems for transfer information transferring in real-time, data can be displayed on internet. This report is focusing on using embeded system, WinCon-8000, which consists of WIN CE.NET system, VB.NET compose record and transferring program, and communicates and sends message with 2.4 GHz wireless system.The whole system to use automatic monitoring stations transferring immediatly data after hand over computer operation. Use the basic value of management set up and observe the result immediately.Utilize internet display of real-time data shown on website and show whether field conditions reach attention and warning standard at that moment. Below are the brief conclusions of using WINCON-8000 at on-site monitoring: 1. WinCon-8000 is highly applicable to be used at on-site landslide monitoring. 2. WinCon-8000 has a wide range of modules that can be used in connecting to different monitoring instrument. 3. WinCon-8000 can transfer information in real-time by using internet. 4. With VB.NET composing program, WinCon-8000 can write different programs depends on sites specific requirement.
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