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標題: 豬硫磺中毒及其人工引發試驗
Natural and experimental studies on sulphur intoxication in pigs.
作者: 李朝全
關鍵字: sulphur intoxication
hepatic cell necrosis
sulfurous acid
出版社: 獸醫學系
摘要: 本實驗針對國內常被用來做為豬床消毒劑的硫磺,被豬誤食所發生的豬硫 磺中毒自然病例進行探討,並進行人工餵飼引發試驗。自然病例之死亡率 約 10%,主要解剖病變為大腸粘膜嚴重壞死,以及腸系膜嚴重水腫,組織 切片下,肝臟門脈三角區周圍之肝細胞的壞死,大腸粘膜壞死,大腸粘膜 下層及腸系膜皆有嚴重水腫,並有許多炎症細胞浸潤。豬硫磺中毒病例, 尚無文獻記載,本例是首次發生報告。經由人工餵飼試驗豬之試驗中 , 硫磺混合飼料一次餵飼 200g、 100g、50g、及多次 50g 6 天連續投與處 理組,依劑量之高低,在肝臟和大腸皆可產生和自然病例一樣輕重不同之 病變。掃描式電子顯微鏡檢查,可見到大腸粘膜壞死並附有少許大大小小 之硫磺顆粒。穿透式電子顯微鏡檢查可見到門脈三角區周圍之肝細胞之粒 線體腫脹變形與塉消失等變性變化。大腸粘膜細胞之粒線體水腫變形,甚 至壞死變化。氣相層析儀結合質譜儀之測定結果可找到肝臟有硫化物之訊 號。因此,推測硫磺中毒之致病機序在大腸產生化學變化,可能形成毒性 強烈之硫化物,再經門脈系統到達肝臟,因其為強酸而直接傷害門脈周圍 之肝細胞,造成急性變性到壞死變化。
Sulphur is usually used as floor disinfectant in many local pig farms in Taiwan. An incidence of sulphur intoxication was obseved in a pig farm. The mortality was about 10%. The main lesions were necrosis of portal triads and accumulation of edematous fluid and inflammatory infiltration in the submucosal layers of the colon. In pigs sulphur intoxication has never been reported before all study. In experiment, sulphur mixed in the feed with a vaeied dose of 200g, 100g and 50g/Kg body weight, and six doses of 50g, were fed to four groups of pigs. The same lesions as those seen in the natural cases were found in varying degrees dependent on the different doses. By scanning electron microscopic examination, sulphur particles were seen on superficial surface of necrotic cell debris taken from colon membrane of Sulphur-fed pigs. The mitochondria of mucosal membrane revealed swelling and necrosis under transmitting electron microscopic examination. By Gas Chromatograph/Mass Spectrometer was signal peak correlating to sulfurous acid was observed in the extract of affected liver. This was suggested that the mechanism of sulphur intoxication was the result of direct damage of peripheral zone of hepatic lobules by the product of sulfurous acid from colon.
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