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標題: 軟弱岩石推進工程之物理模型試驗與推進力之分析研究
Physical Modelling of Pipejacking in Soft Rock with Study of Driving Force
作者: 陳貽竣
Chen, Yi-Chun
關鍵字: Pipejacking
driving force
出版社: 土木工程學系
摘要: 近年來台灣在西部麓山地帶進行各項公共工程建設,此地區的地質屬於強度甚低的沈積地層。在不影響大眾生活環境品質的情形,免開挖工法如潛盾工法與推進工法實為較佳的選擇。為了因應國內未來將在廣大軟弱岩層區進行開發建設,本研究以模擬管推進物理模型試驗機,研究在推進過程中對軟弱岩層的應力變化情形及推進力之大小。 本研究在物理模型試驗方面取材於新竹寶山之軟弱砂岩層,經拌和石膏與水製作完成的試體以符合軟弱岩石單壓強度,並由試驗步驟模擬現地開挖狀況,量測試驗過程中材料應力及應變的變化情形。數值分析方面,採用莊育蓁(2005)使用有限元素法程式ABAQUS所進行管推進工程的數值分析結果,分別與物理模型試驗結果進行比較,來瞭解岩層受到開挖擾動後應力重新分配的情形。並對管推進工程物理模型試驗推進力之大小進行理論計算,再與試驗及現地工程推進力結果進行比較分析。
There are more and more public domain underground contructions in the western foothill of Taiwan in recent years. Difficultied are frequently encountered due to poor understanding of the behavior of the soft rock, sedimentary rocks with very low strength, which is the main rock type distributed in this area. In order to maintain the environment quality, instead of conventional cut and cover excavation, it is more and more trenchless technology such as pipejacking shield tunneling applied in Taiwan. In this study, physical modeling is applied to study the bahavior of pipejacking in soft rock, as well as the influence of driving force. The ingredient material for the physical model is taken from rock stratum in Baoshan area. To make the artificial soft rock, this ingredient is mixed with gypsum and water before confined to the strength within the range of soft rock. Then the artificial soft rock block was excavated according to experimental simulation steps together with monitoring the stress distribution, displacement field, and driving force. The results were compared with those from numerical simulation (Chuang, 2005) performed by finite element method ABAQUS to understand in more details about the rock mass behavior through the perturbation of excavation. Besides, required driving forces were calculated according to soil mechanics theory and compared with those applied in physical modeling as well as a real pipejacking case.
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