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標題: 預力I型橋樑之破壞模式及施工中自動檢查方法
Failure Modes and Construction checklist for Prestressed I-beam Bridges
作者: 盧泰成
Lu, Tai-Cheng
關鍵字: I-beam
出版社: 土木工程學系
摘要: 近年來自動化設備之混凝土橋樑或是具有強大跨徑之鋼橋成為橋樑施工首選的標的。 然而地方政府受限於財力有限及基層建設之規模,往往以預鑄預力樑橋為首選,而當中又以I型樑之施工最為普及,一來因其使用之年代久遠,實務上有許多經驗可供參考,二來因為其進入之門檻不高,丙級營造商便具有施作之能力,故為多數基層工務單位所採用。 本文先將幾種常見的施工法予以簡單介紹及歸納,後選定預鑄預力I型樑橋之上部結構施工作業進行整理,針對施工中易發生破壞或產生問題之關鍵點加以討論,彙整其發生原因及應對策略,製作一套符合施工流程之自主檢查表,提供執行者於進行本工法施工時之查核參考;另討論本工法完工後之結構破壞模式,從其可能產生之結構破壞模式中進行理論推導,尋求設計之最佳斷面,作為斷面設計時選用參考。
Using automation equipment to build concrete bridge or powerful-span steel bridge has become the 1st choice of bridge constructing method in recent years. However, the local governments are limited by the financial resources and the scale of basic level constructions. They always use precast and prestressed girder bridges as the 1st choice. Among them I-girder constructing method is the most popular. Firstly, it is because this method has been used since years long past. The past constructing practice can provide us with many experiences for reference. Secondly, it is because the doorsill is not high (the conditions as a qualified constructer is not strict). The C grade constructer already possesses the constructing ability. Therefore, most of the public works units of basic level adopt this method. At the beginning this essay will make a brief introduction and conclusion on several construction methods which are often used. Then, it selects the upper structure of the precast and prestressed I-grider bridge as well as the constructing work for study. In connection with easy damage and the key points of causing problems during construction, this essay will discuss it further, and sum up the causes of the problems and their countermeasures. A self-inspection list which suits the constructing flow path will be made, and provided to the executives as a reference when they use this constructing method for work. Besides, the structural destruction mode when the work is completed under this constructing method is will be discussed. From the possible structural destruction mode, a theory will be inferred. The best sectional structure will be searched as a reference for sectional design.
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