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標題: 以時間序列模擬複層地盤沉陷量化關係之建立
The simulation of quantified multi-layered ground subsidence by Time Series Analysis
作者: 陳奕弦
Chen, Yi-Hsuan
關鍵字: ground subsidence
time series
transfer function
出版社: 土木工程學系
摘要: 近二十年來,台灣經濟快速發展,用水量激增,在地表水不敷使用情 形下,各方大量開發成本低廉且品質穩定的地下水資源,造成西南沿海地 區地下水位迅速下降,因此發生嚴重區域性地層沉陷,不僅人民生命、財 產受到威脅,亦造成國家嚴重的資源流失、枯竭。因此研擬一套預估沉陷 量,與利用地下水位和抽水量之關係求得安全出水量,抑制地盤持續下降 的方法實刻不容緩。 本研究冀利用台西地層下陷觀測站所觀測得之分 層水位及沉陷資料,依分層觀測以時間序列分析法(Time Series Analysis) 。分析不同深度之有效應力變化與複層地盤沉陷之正相關性及 兩者之轉換函數(Transfer Function)關係,討論水位分層方式與複層地 盤沉陷之邊界,再以實際觀測值印證分層模式,進而對複合地盤提出一建 議當量層來簡化複雜且交錯疊合之地層沉陷計算。結果發現:(1)此複 合地盤量化模式合理將分層地層作合併分析,模擬地層下陷可得不錯之效 果。(2)根據有效應力輸入轉換函數得沉陷量輸出結果可看出,有效應 力停止變化時複合地盤下陷變化則逐漸減緩至停止。(3)根據所估計之複 合地層之當量參數得知,此處壓密沉陷速率(=)較一般黏土快速,可以 黏土質沉泥來估計地盤長期沉陷則較符合現地情況。
Economy in Taiwan develops rapidly, in recent years. At the same Time,demands for water resources are increasing, people turn to use groundwaterfor it is cheap and qualities are stable. Thus, the groundwater level in south-western area descends fast and making the land subsidence disaster very serious. The method that can estimate amount of subsidence using thegroundwater level change is very important from the point of view land protection. The data of goundwater table change and settlement measured at different depths from the monitoring station , are collected to build up the correlationbetween the change of effective stress and settlement . The division of aquifer system and soil layers are judged transfer function between each monitored water head and by comparison of soil layer. Then, the hydrogeological system is set. Finally , it is found that: (A)The transfer function method can analyze the settlement of multiple layers reasonally , and get good result in simulating land subsidence. (B)According to transfer functions founded in kthe analysis, when effective stress stop changing , settlement changes gradually to stop . (C)Using the value of Cv=0.0466cm^2/sec can match field settlement data and the soil behavior more assemble to clayey silt.
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