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標題: 繁殖經驗增強母鼠的感覺與空間記憶行為同時改變大腦初級感覺運動皮質及海馬回中神經細胞的樹突型態
Motherhood or reproductive experiences enhanced the sensory perception and spatial memory of female rats in association with modifications of their primary sensorimotor cortical and hippocampal neuronal dendrites
作者: 林世煌
Lim, Seh Hong
關鍵字: motherhood
sensorimotor cortex
出版社: 獸醫學系暨研究所
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摘要: 懷孕和育幼等時期均會造成母親體內荷爾蒙、神經及行為上的改變,這對於確保繁殖的成功是很重要的。母鼠為了滿足小鼠的需求,必須在更短的時間內記得食物、水源和巢穴的位置。近來的研究發現懷孕和育幼不只會影響和母性行為表現相關的大腦區域(如視前葉中區、杏仁體等構造),還會影響和情緒及記憶調控相關的前額葉皮質區和海馬回。這些研究讓我們對於繁殖經驗會不會影響感覺運動皮質區和海馬回的椎體細胞樹突形態產生了興趣。於是我們利用細胞內染料注射針對單一的細胞進行染料填充及呈色,以探討初級感覺運動皮質區第三層和第五層錐體細胞和海馬回CA1和CA3錐體細胞的樹突型態變化與母鼠懷孕和育幼之關係。實驗中我們利用Morris water maze來評估母鼠在各時期的空間學習情形,結果顯示懷孕和哺乳的母鼠在Morris water maze中表現得比處女母鼠好;至於利用熱板測試來評估母鼠對熱覺的的感應也發現懷孕和哺乳的母鼠比處女母鼠敏銳。至於樹突形態的分析發現,不管是感覺運動皮質區第三層錐體細胞或CA1錐體細胞的頂樹突或基樹突長度均沒有顯著差別,但是樹突表面的樹突棘密度發現這兩區域的樹突棘密度在懷孕、哺乳和產後63天的組別都明顯高於處於動情前期的母鼠。因此我們的實驗結果顯示初級感覺運動皮質區和海馬回樹型態上的改變可能是懷孕及有哺育經驗的母鼠行為上增進的基礎。
Pregnancy and mothering lead to be hormonal, neurological and behavioral changes that are essential for successful reproduction. The mother must adapt to the demands of her offspring and the localization of food, water and nest within a short time. Recent studies have shown that pregnancy and mothering affect not only brain areas associated with the expression of maternal behavior such as the medial preoptic area, the basolateral and medial amygdala but also the prefrontal cortex and hippocampus. These findings prompted us to investigate whether motherhood permanently altered the receiving structures-dendritic spines of neurons of the primary sensorimotor cortex and hippocampus. Here we studied the dendrites of the output neurons, namely layer III and V pyramidal neurons of sensorimotor cortex and CA1 pyramidal neurons using intracellular dye injection technique. Results show that neurons of both brain areas of the pregnant, lactating and postpartum (63days) rats had more dendritic spines than those of the proestrus nulliparous rats. In addition, pregnant, lactating rats also performed significantly better in Morris water maze and displayed higher sensitivity on hot plate test than nulliparous rats. Taken together, our results suggest that plastic changes of the dendrites of the output neurons of the sensorimotor cortex and hippocampus might underlie the behavioral enhancement associated with reproductive experience and active maternity in female rats.
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