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標題: 人工岬灣安定性之實驗研究
Experiments on Shoreline Stability between Two Headlands
作者: 高弘儒
Kao, Hong-Ruh
關鍵字: headlands control
出版社: 土木工程研究所
摘要: 本研究係藉模型實驗方式探討人工岬灣在侵蝕海岸保護應用的可行性. 探 討季風波浪條件作用下,人工岬灣形成後,在不同波向之颱風波浪 作用 時,對人工岬灣安定性的影響。實驗結果顯示,原先平衡的灘線高能量之 颱風波浪作用下,僅有短暫侵蝕的現象,其底床剖面亦有沙生, 但再經原 季風波浪作用後, 受侵蝕之灘線及底床剖面能迅速恢復狀態; 顯示人工岬 灣具有安定侵蝕海岸之特性. 本文亦比較直線形岬圓弧形岬頭佈置所形成 平衡灣岸之安定性, 結果顯示直線形岬頭中平線有較佳之穩定性.
Shoreline change in sandy beaches formed between two headlandsto the wave actions was investigated in this reserch by meansodel tests. The shoreline between the headlands was firstlyed from an initially straight line to an equilibrium shorelinehe model experiment then was received the wave action which ishigh wave energe. It was found that equilibrum shoreline wasually destroyed. Typical sand bar was also found in the bottomr this situation. However, both the equilibrum profile andeline will soon be reconstructed when the original low energyaction again. The result implies that the headland control isicable in defence of the coastal erosion.
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