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標題: Sutro堰型出流口滯洪池之視窗化設計
Windows-Based Design of Detention Pond with Sutro Weir Outlet
作者: 吳坤哲
關鍵字: detention pond
Sutro weir outlet
出版社: 土木工程學系
摘要: 滯洪設施具有效降低洪峰流量、遲滯洪峰到達時間或增加入滲等功能,其目的在於降低因開發山坡地而增加下游地區洪峰流量之衝擊。如何於最小滯洪空間發揮最大滯洪功效,滯洪池出流口之型式設計將扮演舉足輕重之角色,而有別於矩形溢流口或孔口等出流口之特殊形式者如複合式出流口設計逐漸被探討。本研究針對Sutro堰型出流口滯洪池,以三角形、梯形作為滯洪池入流歷線型態,藉由收集1994~2004年台灣現地滯洪池相關數據,作為本研究之輔佐資料,經由一連串數值演算後,將所求得的滯洪容積尺寸大小、開口形式等數據呈現於表單中,期能使滯洪池設計更為精確與便捷。另外,利用無線傳輸方式傳送至手機螢幕,當現地無法操作電腦時,亦可於最短時間獲得現場的設計資訊。
The detention facilities can effectively reduce the peak flow, delay the peak time of flood or increase the infiltrations. Their purpose is to reduce the impact of increasing peak discharge in the downstream region due to the development of hillslope area. Proper design of the detention pond outlet plays an important role to fully utilize the limited space of the space to be fully developed, it plays a decisive role in the design of detention pond .In contrast to the traditional rectangular weir or orifice the compound outlets gradually receive attention. This research makes an inquiry about the detention pond of Sutro weir with the triangular and trapezoidal inflow hydrographs. Through the data collection of detention pond of Taiwan area in the years of 1994~2004, and a series of numerical calculation, the related information of the detention volume and the outlet shape can be obtained and expressed in the tabulated forms in order to make the designs of detention pond more accurate and convenient. Furthermore, with the use of the wireless phone transmission to the phone screen, the instant design information can be acquired in a short time when the are not available in the field computers.
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