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標題: 台灣中部地區野生貓內寄生蟲寄生與組織病變之探討
Studies on endoparasites and pathology of ownerless cats in the central part of Taiwan R.O.C.
作者: 林振瑞
Jui, Lin Chen
關鍵字: ownerless
出版社: 獸醫學系
摘要: 自1991年9月至1994年2月止,筆者調查中部地區野生貓內寄生蟲之感染情 形共340 隻,採用之方法包括糞便中蟲卵之檢查、解剖時蟲體之檢出、組 織病理學檢查及血清學的測定。於糞檢及剖檢方面發現野生貓之內寄生蟲 感染率高達 77.65﹪(264/340) 。其中蛔蟲(Toxocara spp.)為47.65 ﹪(162/340),鉤蟲(Ancylostoma spp.)為 22. 94﹪(78/340),鞭蟲( Trichuris spp.)為2.35﹪(8/340 ) ,心絲蟲(Dirofilaria immitis) 為 0.59﹪(2/340),孟松裂頭絛蟲(Diphyllobothrium mansoni)為 9.41﹪( 32/340),瓜實絛蟲(Dipylidium canium)為30.88﹪(10 5/340),豆狀絛蟲(Taenia pisiformis)為2.65﹪(9/34 0) ,胞狀絛蟲 (Taenia hydatigena)為1.76﹪(6/340),球蟲(Isospora spp.) 為46.47﹪(158/340) 。血清學測定弓蟲抗體所得之陽性率為17.86 ﹪(25/140)。 病理學檢查則僅寄生蟲致害之變化較明顯。
During the period lasting from September 1991 to February 1994,we investigated how 340 ownerless cats were infected with endoparasites. The methods we used included the fecal examination , anatomy , pathology and serological test. In fecal examina- tion and anatomy,we found that the rate of infec- tion with endoparasites reached 77.65﹪(264/340), and their prevalence were Toxocara spp. 47.65﹪( 162/340), Ancylostoma spp. 22.94﹪(78/340),Trich- uris spp. 2.35﹪ (8/340),Dirofilaria immitis 0.59﹪(2/340), Diphyllobothrium mansoni 9.41﹪(32/ 340),Dipylidium canium 30.88﹪(105/340 ), Taenia pisiformis 2.65﹪(9/340),Taenia hydatigena 1.76﹪ 6/340)and Isospora spp. 46.47﹪(158/340). The positive of Toxoplasma IgG determined by ELISA test was 17.86﹪(25/140). According to the exami- nation of pathology,only the harmful variations of parasites are more obvious.
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