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標題: 高性能混凝土柱受偏心載重作用下之行為
Behavior of High Performance Concrete Columns under Eccentric Axial Loading
作者: 張勝豐
Chang, Sheng-Feng
關鍵字: High Performance Concrete

出版社: 土木工程學系
摘要: 本研究主要在探討高流動性高性能混凝土柱受單向靜態偏心載重作用下之行為。試驗包含十五支普通混凝土柱與十五支高性能混凝土柱。柱試體全長1400 mm,試驗區長度600 mm,試驗區斷面尺寸為300 mm ×300 mm。探討之變數包括混凝土強度、軸向鋼筋量、橫向鋼筋量、橫向筋強度、軸力偏心比以及斷面繫筋型式等。探討高性能混凝土柱在不同設計變數下受偏心載重之行為及適用性。試驗結果可歸納如下: 1.高性能混凝土具較高之極限可用應變,其極限可用應變為0.0040,高 於普通混凝土的0.0037。 2.於撓曲延展性方面,高性能混凝土明顯高於普通混凝土試體,其延展 性指數比值之平均為1.060。 3.ACI對於軸力與彎矩強度之預測,對於HPC與NC而言,皆與試驗值接近 而略為保守。 4.高性能混凝土在裂縫控制方面較普通混凝土佳,在使用載重下,高性 能混凝土之裂縫寬度為普通混凝土之80.02﹪。 5.本研究顯示,高強度箍筋可提高試體延展性,但對於試體之軸向與彎 矩強度以及裂縫控制皆無明顯影響。
The purpose of this study is to investigate the behavior of high performance concrete(HPC)columns under eccentric axial loading .The experimental program consisted of 15 square high performance concrete columns and 15 square normal concrete(NC) columns . All specimens were 1400 mm in length and the cross section was 300 × 300 mm. The test parameters included concrete strength, amount of longitudinal steel, eccentricity of loading, tie arrangement, tie spacing and strength of confinement reinforcement. The following conclusions can be made from the results. 1.HPC columns have higher toughness. The average values of maximum usable strain at extreme concrete compression fiber of HPC and NC are 0.0040 and 0.0037 respectively. 2.The curvature ductility factor ratio of HPC to NC is 1.060, HPC have better curvature ductility. 3.The ultimate strengths predicted by ACI code to both HPC and NC are close to test values and conservative. 4.HPC columns have better crack control over NC columns. The crack widths of HPC columns are about 80﹪of those of NC columns. 5.The test results show that high strength confinement reinforcement will increase the ductility, but will not increase the strength and crack control ability of columns.
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