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標題: 視窗化滯洪池設計之研究
A Study of Windows-Based Design for Detention Pond
作者: 陳威甫
Chen, Wei-Fu
關鍵字: detention pond
trial and error method
finite difference scheme
Runge-Kutta method
出版社: 土木工程學系
摘要: 摘要 山坡地設置滯洪池之目的,主要是藉由洪水短暫滯留於池中,以降低下游洪峰流量與延長洪峰到達時間。本研究歸納台灣地區流量歷線特性、合理化公式,加之考慮滯洪池邊坡坡度與基流量,依連續方程式為基礎,推得滯洪池之一階非線性連續方程式,並採藍吉-庫塔數值方法及試誤法,撰寫數值程式以進行滯洪水理演算。為了讓使用者能簡易的使用設計程式,應用Visual Basic語言整合數值程式,成為一套視窗化滯洪池尺寸設計模組。本研究結果得到以下結論: 1. 以視窗化模組整合數值計算程式,可達便捷以及速度上之要求,圖形化使用者界面之操作環境儼然成為程式設計時必備之趨勢。 2. 相同洪峰削減量之條件下,孔口型出流口所需之滯洪容積小於矩形溢流口者,換言之,出流口為孔口型設計較佳。 3. 瞬時單位歷線較能符合實際入流歷線,惟在上升段處,因為洪水體積大於三角形歷線,因此當無因次尖峰出流量 時,演算之滯洪容積大於三角形歷線。
Abstract A detention basin in a hillslope area is used to reduce the peak flows downstream by temporary detention of inflow in the basin. In this study, the hydrographic characteristics of Taiwan and rational formula will be conformed, and the sideslope and base discharge in the detention pond will also be considered. A nonlinear first-order ordinary differential equation for detention basins could be deduced by the continuity equation. Using the Runge-Kutta method and the trial and error method, the governing continuity equation could be resolved using a computer program. For users' convenience, a Windows-based numerical for the detention pond was designed by using Microsoft Visual Basic language. The following conclusions were reached: 1. The combination of Windows-based module and numerical model can reach the purpose of accurate and fast detention pond design. Graphical interface for users may be a trend in program design. 2. In the circumstances of the same peak inflow reduction, the needed detention volume of the rectangular sharp-edged orifice is smaller than the rectangular weir's, i.e. the outflow device with rectangular sharp-edged orifice is a better design. 3. Instantaneous unit hydrograph ( IUH ) approximates to dimensionless unit hydrograph of the watershed. The flood volume of IUH is bigger than the triangular hydrograph in the rising limb, so the maximum detention volume of IUH is larger than the value of a triangular hydrograph for , and smaller than the value of a triangular hydrograph for .
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