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標題: Pimobendan以及Enalapril對於犬隻二尖瓣疾病之影響
Effects of Pimobendan and Enalapril for Mitral Valve Disease in Dogs
作者: 麥元貞
Mai, Yuan- Jen
關鍵字: pimobendan
出版社: 獸醫學系暨研究所
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摘要: 摘要 二尖瓣病變是犬隻最常見的後天性心臟病之一。Pimobendan (PIMO)與ACE inhibitor (ACEi)類藥物為治療鬱血性心衰竭中最普遍使用的藥物。本實驗的目的為比較二尖瓣逆流犬隻投與PIMO 、Enalapril以及這兩種藥物合併使用時對於犬隻心臟功能、心臟輪廓大小以及肺水腫程度、血液動力學等各方面的影響。本研究共有18例具有二尖瓣逆流的犬隻為實驗組, 6例健康犬隻列為對照組。將實驗組以隨機的方式分成三組分別投與PIMO、Enalapril和此兩種藥物合併使用。在投藥前、投藥後第7天、第28天以及第56天監測其理學檢查、心臟超音波學檢查、胸腔放射學檢查及血液及血清生化學檢查等各項數值的變化。同時以心臟都卜勒超音波測量犬隻二尖瓣逆流的速度變化。結果投與PIMO的犬隻在各時期二尖瓣逆流流速皆出現上升的情形(p<0.05)。投與Enalapril的犬隻則出現血液中Creatinine及鉀離子濃度上升的情形(p<0.05)。兩種藥物合併使用的犬隻則是在肺水腫的程度獲得顯著的改善(p<0.05)。將實驗組與對照組之二尖瓣以及主動脈瓣流速作比較後發現,其實驗組的二尖瓣以及主動脈瓣流速普遍較對照組高(p<0.05)。本實驗結果顯示,於心衰竭犬隻給予PIMO可能會令二尖瓣逆流的程度加重,而將PIMO與ACEi類藥物合併使用則可能會減低PIMO對二尖瓣逆流所造成的不良影響進而對肺水腫的程度有所改善。關於合併用法是否能有效的降低二尖瓣逆流的程度以及是否會造成如低血壓等副作用,仍需要對不同劑量反應所造成的影響進行評估。
Abstract Mitral valve disease (MVD) is the most common acquired cardiac disease in dogs. Pimobendan (PIMO) and ACE inhibitor (ACEi) are frequently used for congestive heart failure. The aim of the study was to monitor the changes of the cardiac function, dimensions of the cardiac silhouette in thoracic radiograms, degree of pulmonary edema and hemodynamic effects in dogs with mitral valve regurgitation (MR) after the treatment of PIMO, enalapril, and combined use of two drugs. Eighteen dogs with mild-moderate MR and six healthy dogs were recruited in this study. The dogs with MR were randomly allocated into 3 groups and monitored at the day 0, 7, 28 and 56. Doppler echocardiography showed that the MR velocity had increasing tendency in the PIMO group (p<0.05). Haematology and blood biochemistry revealed creatinine and potassium concentration had increasing tendency in the enalapril group (p<0.05). The degree of pulmonary edema had decreasing tendency in the combined group (p<0.05). However, the velocity of mitral and the aorta valve measured from the dogs with MR were higher than that from the healthy dogs (p<0.05). Above results indicates that PIMO increase mitral valve regurgitation in the dogs with heart failure. The combined use of PIMO and enalapril may decrease the adverse effect of PIMO and comfort the pulmonary edema severity. Additional studies are required to investigate the adverse effect on blood pressure and changes of mitral valve regurgitation in different dose response.
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