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標題: 以迴歸分析法進行最大地動加速度與GPS衛星追蹤站變動量間之關連性研究
The Study of Relationship between Peak Ground Acceleration and Movement of GPS Tracking Station by Regression Analysis
作者: 王淳熙
Wang, Chun-Xi
關鍵字: Movement of GPS Tracking Station
Peak Ground Acceleration
出版社: 土木工程學系
摘要: 本研究針對中央氣象局GPS衛星追蹤站與強震儀所收集之資料,採用迴歸分析的方法探討地震發生當時所造成的GPS衛星追蹤站點位變動量與強震儀記載之最大地動加速度兩者之間的關聯性。由本研究成果顯示,GPS衛星追蹤站變動量與最大地動加速度約有60∼70%之關連性,此一結論將有助於瞭解GPS衛星追蹤站資料監控地震發生時可能之破壞趨勢,並可作為地震防災之重要參考。
All of the weather stations have seismographies which record the seismic information such as peak ground acceleration. The relationship between the movement of GPS tracking stations caused by Chi-Chi earthquake and the peak ground acceleration recorded on seismographies during the earthquake has been investigated by regression analysis.The obtained results show that it has about 60%~70% correlation relationship .The results can be viewed as the suggestions for the monitoring of the earthquake with the data collected by the GPS tracking stations.
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