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標題: 校園真三維景觀建模之研究--以CCGIS為例
A Study on Building a Reality Three-Dimensional campus model--Useing the CCGIS
作者: 洪銘芬
Hung, Ming-Fen
關鍵字: Visualization
Three dimension campus model
Digital elevation model
出版社: 土木工程學系
摘要: 由於科技之進步,使空間資料可輕易地於電腦中進行分析組合及顯示,其中自然物體及人為物體之模擬,使得使用者可先行預視其顯示效果;而相同資訊亦可結合其他各式分析及規劃模組,進行互動式虛擬環境的建立,為使用者提供了一個很好的視覺環境。 本研究將三維景觀建模方法加以探討,利用了目前最新的三維GIS軟體(CCGIS),並以中興大學校區為例,製作一個三維景觀視覺化模型,並解決及討論製作流程中的問題。 根據本研究所獲成果顯示,未來使用者根據本研究提出之作業流程及遭遇問題之解決方法,在現今之軟硬體條件配合下,校園真三維景觀之建置已可充分達到。
Spatial data can be easily analyzed and displayed by using computer. Therefore, the virtual reality of natural and artificial objects can be previewed the effectiveness of data. There are some analysis and designed models which created interactive virtual reality with users. This study aimed at the methods of creating three-dimensional scenic model, and used the newest 3DGIS software to build a reality 3D campus model. The campus of National Chung Hsing University will be used as a testing area in this research. It also will discuss problems of the procedures in producing models. According to the obtained results, 3D campus models can be created perfectly by using recommended software,CCGIS, hardware and methods which proposed in this study.
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