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標題: 海堤面坡度與下刷水流特性之關係研究
An Investigation on the Down-Rushing Flow on a Seadike
作者: 王建祥
Wang, Jiann-Shyang
關鍵字: run up
flow visualization
down-rushing flow
出版社: 土木工程研究所
摘要: 當波浪作用於海堤時, 在堤面發生溯升現象後, 水體沿堤面迴流下刷 , 再與入射之波浪產生交互作用, 此一複雜之機構常導致堤趾沖刷。本文以 流場可視化法配合水流流速及作用力實驗量測探討不同堤面坡度下, 波浪 之下刷水流特性, 並得出下刷水流能否作用至堤趾之波浪條件範圍。經由 實驗結果發現, 下刷水流能作用至堤趾之波浪條件範圍隨著堤面坡度之減 緩而減少。而下刷水流對堤趾作用之強度亦隨著堤面坡度之減緩而變弱。 波流作用於堤趾所產生之最大速度及最大壓力之無因次值, 則有隨著相對 溯升值增加而增加之趨勢。
The down-rushing flow to the toe of a seadike is thought to be the main cause of the scouring of the sand bed at its front. This study is aimed to investigate the characteristics of the flow by means of model experiments in a wave flume , associating with the technique of the flow visualization. The range of the incident wave condition which can produce the down-rushing flow to the toe is firstly investigated , then the intensity of the flow is measured. It is found that the case of the steeper slope has wider range of the incident wave condition to produce down-rushing flow to the toe. The intensity of the down-rushing flow of the milder slope is weaker then that of the steeper slope. The dimensionless values of the maximum flow velocity and its pressure on the toe are increasing with the relative height of the wave run-up.
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