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標題: 各種調諧質量阻尼器之減振效用評估
Evaluating the seismic effectiveness of various kinds of tuned mass damper
作者: 林裕程
關鍵字: tuned mass damper
出版社: 土木工程學系
摘要: 依耐震法規,結構在法規中規定的中度地震及大地震作用下必須要符合相關規定,本文即在驗證依耐震法規所設計的結構加裝幾種不同的TMD後在規定地震力作用下,結構是否能因加裝TMD而提高其耐震能力。本文分別從結構的最大彈性位移、結構韌性需求及結構的遲滯能的觀點來探討TMD對結構的減震效能,經數值分析後可得幾點結論對大部份周期的結構TMD可以降低其最大彈性位移,但在某些情況下卻有反效果。加裝TMD來降低韌性需求比較沒有一定的趨勢。加裝TMD大部份可減少結構累積的遲滯能
According to the seismic building code, the following two criteria have to be satisfied. First, the structure should remain linearly elastic when subjected to moderate ground shaking. Second, the structure should not exceed its allowable ductility when subjected to strong ground shaking. In this paper, response history analysis was done to verify whether TMD is helpful to make the structure satisfy those two criteria or not. The effectiveness of TMD was investigated from the viewpoint of elastic peak response, ductility demand and hysteretic energy respectively. The conclusion is that TMD is usually effective for suppressing elastic peak response and minimizing hysteretic energy but do not work well to decrease ductility demand.
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