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12001Actuator placement and zero effect on global wide-band noise reduction in ducts with hybrid system identification techniqueLin, J.Y.; 林忠逸; Yu, Y.T.-
22009Performance of a serpentine heat exchanger: Part II - Second-law efficiencySan, J.Y.; 沈君洋; Pai, K.L.-
3May-2011Influence of growth temperature on the optical and structural properties of ultrathin ZnO filmsChiang, Tun-Yuan; Dai, Ching-Liang; Lian, Der-Ming; National Chung Hsing University,Department of Mechanical Engineering; 國立中興大學機械工程學系; Miao-zhen Luo-
4Jul-2011Experimental study on the hydrogen production of integrated methanol-steam reforming reactors for PEM fuel cellsChein, Rei-Yu; Chen, Yen-Cho; Lin, Yu-Sheng; J.N.Chung; National Chung Hsing University,Department of Mechanical Engineering; 國立中興大學機械工程學系; Miao-zhen Luo-
52006Combined feedback design of active noise control and face velocity control based on a novel secondary-path model of speaker-duct systemsLin, J.Y.; 林忠逸; Liao, C.W.-
62007New FIR filter-based adaptive algorithms incorporating with commutation error to improve active noise control performanceLiao, C.W.; 林忠逸; Lin, J.Y.-
7Oct-2011Manufacture and Characterization of High Q-Factor Inductors Based on CMOS-MEMS TechniquesYang, Ming-Zhi; Dai, Ching-Liang; Hong, Jin-Yu; 國立中興大學機械工程學系; National Chung Hsing University,Department of Mechanical Engineering; Miao-zhen Luo
82009Design and Fabrication of a Small-Form-Factor Optical Pickup HeadChiu, Y.; 施錫富; Shih, H.F.; Chiou, J.C.; Cheng, S.T.; Hung, K.Y.; Tseng, F.G.; Fang, W.-
92010Fabrication of lead zirconium titanium and silica composite films on copper/polyimide flexible substratesHsueh, C.H.; 吳嘉哲; Wu, C.C.-
102006Analysis and measurements of mixing in pressure-driven microchannel flowChen, J.M.; 陳志敏; Horng, T.L.; Tan, W.Y.-
112005On the flow over a rotationally oscillating flat plate: A numerical studyChen, J.M.; 陳志敏; Fang, Y.C.-
121999Freestream disturbance effects on an airfoil pitching at constant rateChen, J.M.; 陳志敏; Choa, C.C.-
132009Passive control of wake flow by two small control cylinders at Reynolds number 80Kuo, C.H.; 郭正雄; Chen, C.C.-
142000Determination of optimum design spaces for topology optimizationChen, T.Y.; 陳定宇; Lin, C.Y.-
152005Optical head with two wavelengths in single path using holographic optical elementShih, H.F.; 施錫富-
162009Improvement of the light-trapping effect using a subwavelength-structured optical diskShih, H.F.; 施錫富; Hsieh, S.J.; Liao, W.Y.-
172007Multimode grating using polymer-stabilized liquid crystals and novel electrodesShih, H.F.; 施錫富; Li, B.W.-
181998Multiobjective optimal topology design of structuresChen, T.Y.; 陳定宇; Wu, S.C.-
192006Thermal error modeling of a machining center using grey system theory and adaptive network-based fuzzy inference systemWang, K.C.; 曾柏昌; Tseng, P.C.; Lin, K.M.-
202008Dioscorea improves the morphometric and mechanical properties of bone in ovariectomised ratsChen, J.H.; 鄔詩賢; Wu, J.S.S.; Lin, H.C.; Wu, S.L.; Wang, W.F.; Huang, S.K.; Ho, Y.J.-
212006Degree reduction of NURBS curvesLai, Y.L.; 鄔詩賢; Wu, J.S.S.; Hung, J.P.; Chen, J.H.-
222003Effects of interfacial debonding on fatigue damage of cemented hip prosthesesHung, J.P.; 鄔詩賢; Wu, J.S.S.; Chen, J.H.-
232011Capacitive RF switches manufactured by the CMOS-MEMS techniqueYang, M.Z.; 戴慶良; Dai, C.L.; Shih, P.J.; Tsai, Z.Y.-
242007Improvement of the outcoupling efficiency of an organic light-emitting device by attaching microstructured filmsLin, H.Y.; 戴慶良; Lee, J.H.; Wei, M.K.; Dai, C.L.; Wu, C.F.; Ho, Y.H.; Wu, T.C.-
252010Wear patterns of, and wear volume formulae for, hemispherical acetabular cup linersWu, J.S.S.; 鄔詩賢; Hsu, S.L.; Chen, J.H.-
262008Micro FET pressure sensor manufactured using CMOS-MEMS techniqueDai, C.L.; 戴慶良; Kao, P.H.; Tai, Y.W.; Wu, C.C.-
272003Capacitive micro pressure sensors with underneath readout circuit using a standard CMOS processDai, C.L.; 戴慶良; Chang, S.C.; Lee, C.Y.; Cheng, Y.C.; Chang, C.L.; Chiou, J.H.; Chang, P.Z.-
282005A MEMS micromirror fabricated using CMOS post-processCheng, Y.C.; 戴慶良; Dai, C.L.; Lee, C.Y.; Chen, P.H.; Chang, P.Z.-
292007Modeling and fabrication of a microelectromechanical microwave switchDai, C.L.; 戴慶良; Hsu, H.M.; Tsai, M.C.; Hsieh, M.M.; Chang, M.W.-
302005A maskless post-CMOS bulk micromachining process and its applicationDai, C.L.; 戴慶良; Chiou, J.H.; Lu, M.S.C.-
31Jan-2012A novel statistical tolerance analysis method for assembled partsJ.-C.Tsaia; C.-H.Kuo; Wei-Chun Wang-
322010Thermodynamic Reversibility Analysis of Electrokinetic Energy Conversion in Nanofluidic ChannelsChein, R.; 簡瑞與; Liao, C.C.; Chen, H.J.-
332012Fabrication of a glucose sensor with oscillator circuit using CMOS-MEMS techniqueYang, Ming-Zhi; Dai, Ching-Liang; Hung, Cheng-Bei; Wei-Chun Wang-
342009Investigation of ion concentration and electric potential distributions in charged membrane/electrolyte systemsChein, R.Y.; 簡瑞與; Chen, H.J.; Liao, C.C.-
352009Electrokinetic energy conversion efficiency analysis using nanoscale finite-length surface-charged capillariesChein, R.Y.; 簡瑞與; Liao, C.C.; Chen, H.J.-
36Jul-2012Detection of allergies using a silver nanoparticle modified nanostructured biosensorLiu, Yi-Fen; Tsai, Jaw-Ji; Chin, Yu-Ting; Liao, En-Chih; Wu, Chia-Che; Wang, Gou-Jen; Wei-Chun Wang-
37Aug-2011Fabrication and Characterization of Polyaniline/PVA Humidity MicrosensorsYang, Ming-Zhi; Dai, Ching-Liang; Lin, Wei-Yi; 國立中興大學機械工程學系; National Chung Hsing University,Department of Mechanical Engineering; Miao-zhen Luo
382010Data-mining assisted structural optimization using the evolutionary algorithm and neural networkChen, T.Y.; 陳定宇; Cheng, Y.L.-
391999LQG/GA design of active noise controllers for a collocated acoustic duct systemLin, J.Y.; 林忠逸; Sheu, H.Y.; Chao, S.C.-
402000Identification of acoustic impedance using a simple genetic algorithmLin, J.Y.; 林忠逸; Chao, S.C.-
41Feb-2011An analytical computation method for statistical tolerance analysis of assemblies with truncated normal mean shiftKuo, Chang-Hsin; Tsai, Jhy-Cherng; National Chung Hsing University,Department of Mechanical Engineering; 國立中興大學機械工程學系; Miao-zhen Luo-
422006A multiobjective optimization solver using rank-niche evolution strategyChen, T.Y.; 陳定宇; Hsu, Y.S.-
432007Integrated optical unit design for the collinear holographic storage systemShih, H.F.; 施錫富-
442000LQR/RPS design of robust controllers for a one-link robotLin, J.Y.; 林忠逸; Jaw, J.H.-
452000Experimental study of vortex shedding and subharmonic lock-on for a rotationally oscillating Aat plateFang, Y.C.; 陳志敏; Chen, J.M.-
462008Improved rank-niche evolution strategy algorithm for constrained multiobjective optimizationChen, T.Y.; 陳定宇; Chen, M.C.-
472010On the improvements of the particle swarm optimization algorithmChen, T.Y.; 陳定宇; Chi, T.M.-
481998Experimental investigation of a parallel vortex-plate interactionChen, J.M.; 陳志敏; Chiou, C.C.-
492009Mixed-discrete structural optimization using a rank-niche evolution strategyChen, T.Y.; 陳定宇; Chen, H.C.-
502002Efficiency improvement of simulated annealing in optimal structural designsChen, T.Y.; 陳定宇; Su, J.J.-
Results 1-50 of 232 (Search time: 0.046 seconds).