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標題: 骨材級配對輕質骨材混凝土性質之影響
Effects of aggregate gradation on the properties of lightweight aggregate concrete
作者: 蕭澄清
Hsiao, Cheng-ching
關鍵字: aggregate gradation
compressive strength
lightweight aggregate concrete
出版社: 土木工程學系
摘要: 輕質骨材混凝土與常重骨材混凝土在荷重下之受力結構並不相同,本研究係以燒結型輕質骨材與常重骨材,在固定水灰比、用漿量與骨材體積下,探討改變骨材級配對輕質骨材混凝土之單位重、工作性、抗壓強度等性質之影響,並與同配比之常重骨材混凝土作比較。 本研究以w/c=0.7與w/c=0.4二種不同水灰比砂漿,各拌合一組規範建議之級配為標準控制組,以標稱12.5mm、9.5mm、4.75mm粒徑之不連續單一粒徑級配輕質骨材為試驗組,另以常重骨材依上述相同骨材體積與級配亦各拌合一組以為比對。 由試驗結果顯示,混凝土單位重變化不大,因所採用之輕質骨材在各種不同粒徑下,其單位重相似。輕質骨材混凝土工作性依骨材級配變化趨勢與常重骨材混凝土趨勢相同,但相同配比下,輕質骨材混凝土較常重骨材混凝土工作性佳。輕質骨材最大粒徑愈小時,所得輕質骨材混凝土抗壓強度愈高。於低強度時,其抗壓強度與同配比之常重骨材混凝土相當,但於較高強度時,在骨材最大粒徑大於9.5mm時,其抗壓強度較同配比之常重骨材混凝土低,且當粒徑愈大,其影響愈明顯。
Under loading, the stress distribution in lightweight aggregate concrete (LWAC) and the normal weight aggregate concrete (NC) are different. The research use sintered clay lightweight aggregate (LWA) to study the influences of gradation on the concrete properties, such as the unit weight, workability, and the compressive strength. The results were compared with those of NC. Two water cement ratios (w/c=0.7 and 0.4)and three unit gradations (12.5mm,9.5mm,4.75mm) of lightweight coarse aggregate were used in test. The experimental result shows that the influence of aggregate gradation on the unit weight of concrete is limited, because the unit weight of coarse aggregates are similar. The LWAC have the same workability as NC by varying the gradation of aggregate, but LWAC appears better workability than NC as the mix proportion is same. The smaller the Dmax is, the higher the LWAC compressive strength can be achieved. As the w/c is high, the LWAC compressive strength is similar to that of NC. As the w/c is low and the coarse aggregate Dmax large than 9.5mm(#3/8”), the LWAC compressive strength is lower than that of NC.
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