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標題: 含感測電路的整合型微壓力感測器
Integrated Micro-pressure sensors with readout circuitry
作者: 楊志偉
Yang, Chih-Wei
關鍵字: capacitive pressure sensor
readout circuits
出版社: 機械工程學系所
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摘要: 本文利用CMOS標準製程製作壓力感測器,並整合積體電路,其製程處理分兩階段:先以濕式蝕刻去除金屬犧牲層,將外觀六邊形蜂窩形狀懸浮釋放,其剖面如三明治形狀的結構層;接著再用高分子Parylene封裝壓力單元。此壓力感測器以電容變化為基準之方式讀出,積體電路的部份利用兩電極板之感應電荷所產生之電流並以運算大器讀出訊號。 本文之特點(1)選用六角蜂窩形狀將面積使用率達到最高(2)數個小感測元件以並聯方式提高電容值(3)利用較高層別以減少接線點之寄生電容(4)利用選擇性高之濕蝕刻溶液移除犧牲層鋁金屬(5)選用LPCVD高溫裂解低溫沉積,低楊氏系數之高分子薄膜封裝感測單元。 讀出訊號部份以一種簡單的感測電路,用一個差動放大增益約(Differential Pair Gain)>40dB以及相位邊際增益(PM)>60o,外加直流偏壓載有小振幅之交流訊號於電容感測式壓力結構上,其線性條件壓力測量範圍以0-200kPa,靈敏度約1.5mV/kPa。
This study investigates the fabrication of integrated pressure sensors using the commercial 0.35 μm CMOS process and a post-process. The pressure sensors, which are capacitive type, contains 128 sensing cells in parallel. Each sensing cell is a regular hexagon shape. The post-process uses wet etching to remove sacrificial layers, which are stacked layers formed from metal and via layers, to suspend the membrane of pressure sensor. Then, LPCVD parylene is employed to seal the etch holes of pressure sensors. Besides, this circuits realize a simple method to convert the capaictance variation of the pressure sensors into the voltage output. Differential-pairs-input opera-tional amperifier has a differential- pair-mode -gain(Ad) of 40dB and a phase-margin 60o. The sensitivity of the pressure sensors are 1.5mV/kPa in pressure range of 0-200kPa.
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