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標題: R.C.板梁構件支撐拆模時間研究
Study On When To Romove The Shoring Beneath The R.C. Slabs And Beams
作者: 黃俊傑
Huang, Chun Chieh
關鍵字: shoring
remove the shoring
structure stiffness
出版社: 土木工程學系
摘要: 版、梁下支撐之拆除時間,決定於版、梁結構是否已經發展至足可承擔其本身自重外,尚足以承擔加覆其上之施工活載重及呆重。本研究分別就混凝土材料強度性質及混凝土結構勁度性質兩方面探討適當之拆模時間,研究工作分為數值解析及現場試驗兩種。研究結果顯示,在混凝土灌漿後之28天中,數值解析之結構勁度隨時間之成長關係可視為與彈性係數之發展完全相同,並與混凝土強度成長成正比例關係;試驗也顯示現場試驗之結構勁度值,都比數值解析結構勁度值稍大,然而兩者之成長比例甚為相似。以混凝土強度來決定拆模時間之傳統方法外,本文另建議一個以結構勁度之成長程度來決定拆模時間之方法,此方法應以試驗結果為依據,本文也發展一套簡易試驗方法可在工地測量版、梁之結構勁度。
When to remove the shoring beneath the slabs and beams depends on whether the beam and slab structures have developed into a status which they are able to take all the gravity loads or not. In this study, the timing to remove the shoring is studied by both developments of concrete strength and structure strength. The method of study includes numerical analysis and experiments. The research results indicate that in the first 28 days the development of the structure stiffness can be considered the development of the elasticity of the concrete numerical analysis. The values of the structure stiffness in experiments are a bit greater than those in numerical analysis but both developing rates are very similar. It is recommended that one more choice to decide the removal timing is to refer to the of the structure stiffness. A simple way to perform experiments to measure the stiffness value is suggested herein.
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