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標題: 以二氧化矽鍍膜改善玻璃翹曲
Glass warpage study via silicon dioxide coating
作者: 馬禎妘
Ma, Chen Yun
關鍵字: silicon dioxide
glass warpage
出版社: 機械工程學系所
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摘要: 本研究主要是探討玻璃翹曲的原因與如何改善,確定為應力的不均造成此現象,進而利用不同的加工方式改善。 實驗結果比較三種不同的加工製程,對於光學特性與翹曲度及強度的影響,從結果得知,二氧化矽鍍膜實驗提升了穿透率,降低霧度,且不影響玻璃表面粗糙度,所以破壞性測試下,破裂強度與原本未加工的玻璃相近,表面應力與強化深度更優於其他加工法。 不論是以特性比較上來討論,或是比較製作工時與投資報酬率都具有量產性。
The purpose is to study the causes of glass warpage, which is found to be due to uneven internal stresses. There are processes that can help to improve. Experimental results from three different processes are compared in optical, warpage, and strength performances. Silicon dioxide coating increases transmittance, decreases haze, and does not have impacts on surface quality. Thus under destructive test, it is found that strength is close to that of unprocessed glass. CS and DOL is superior to other process methods. In comparing physical/chemical/optical characteristics, production cycle time, and beneficial result, it is more favorable in terms of mass production.
其他識別: U0005-0602201212245500
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