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標題: 高波索蘭材料高性能混凝土梁承受反覆載重之剪力行為
Shear Behavior of High Performance Concrete Beam Mixed With High Volume Pozzolanic Material under Cyclic Load
作者: 林耿生
關鍵字: Pozzolanic Material
High Performance Concrete
Cyclic Load

出版社: 土木工程學系
摘要: 本研究主要探討含高波索蘭材料之高性能混凝土(HPC)RC梁構件承受反覆載重之抗剪行為。試驗上共製作12根梁試體進行實驗。考慮的試驗變數為配比、剪跨比(a/d)、壓力鋼筋含量及剪力筋含量,並就試驗結果探討其對梁構件剪力強度之影響及ACI Code之適用性。 試驗結果顯示,以飛灰或爐石取代部分水泥之高性能混凝土梁,其剪力強度皆能符合ACI Code之剪力強度計算式,其中,以高水泥含量之高性能混凝土梁的抗剪能力最佳,高爐石含量之高性能混凝土梁次,而高飛灰含量之高性能混凝土梁則最差。比較其剪力開列強度(Vcr)及極限剪力強度(Vn),皆隨著剪跨比縮小、壓力筋與拉力筋比增大及剪力筋含量的增加而提高。 對於高性能混凝土梁之抗剪能力,ACI Code之剪力強度計算式顯得過於保守,有低估其抗剪能力之傾向。
The purpose of the study is to investigate the shear behaviors of high performance concrete (HPC) beams with high-volume pozzolanic material under cyclic loading. Twelve full-scale specimens were made for testing. Parameters considered include the admixtures of concrete, the shear-span to effective depth ratio (a/d), the compression reinforcement ratio and the amount of shear reinforcement. Results of the experiment indicate the effects of shear strength on these beams and comparisons with corresponding ACI Code are also studied. Results of the shear strength of cement replaced by fly ash and slag agree with that from ACI Code formula. The high-volume cement HPC has the best performance with regard to the resistance to shear force, followed by high-volume slag HPC and the high-volume fly ash HPC in that order. Both shear cracking strength and ultimate shear strength for all specimens increase with the decrease of the shear-span to effective depth ratio as well as the increase of the compression reinforcement ratio and the amount of the shear reinforcement. For HPC beams, results also show the conservativeness of ACI Code with respect to the resistance to shear force.
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