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標題: 梁柱接頭內部瑕疵新檢測法
New Technique for Detecting the Voids in Beam-Colum Joints
作者: 郭純鑑
Kuo, Chen-Chien
關鍵字: beam-column joints
出版社: 土木工程學系所
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摘要: 本論文主要目的在於研究梁柱接頭內部混凝土瑕疵檢測方法,以敲擊回音法架構在時間領域作分析,當瑕疵存在敲擊點至接收器之直線距離上,將造成應力波傳遞之阻擋或延遲,假如將每一點之波速量測值,顯示在同一圖面上,則藉由波速變化將顯示瑕疵存在。 首先以數值模擬分析,了解梁柱接頭多邊界特性之應力波動行為, 數值分析結果顯示,當行經孔隙的距離與總路徑比值(λ)大於17.6%,從波速之變化可以清楚判別瑕疵之存在,透過建立之波速減少百分比與λ值的關係表,可以粗略推估內含孔隙尺寸,對於λ小於13.5%,掃瞄成像圖之黑影並不明顯。 本論文規劃T型及十字型試體內部有不同立方體孔隙,經實驗結果顯示,100mm以上立方體孔隙之掃描成像圖效果十分良好。
This main purpose of thesis aims at studying the technique for detecting the voids in beam-column joints of concrete structure. In this thesis, the stress wave technique based on time domain analysis was utilized. When the defect existed on the straight line from the impact point to the receiver, the stress wave propagation might be disrupted or delayed. If the apparent wave speeds measured in each point were shown in a graph, the degression of wave speed will reveal the existence of the defect. Numerical analyses were firstly performed to understand the stress wave behavior in the complex geometric shape with multiple reflection boundaries. Numerical results show that when the ratio, λ, of the defect length to the propagation path from the impact point to the receiver exceeds 17.6%, the profile of the wave speed can easily identify the defect. Furthermore, the defect size can be roughly estimated by using the relationship between the λ and the wave speed reduction percentage. For the case λ smaller than 13.5%, the image of the wave speed scanning is not good enough to indicate the defect. T type and cross type specimens with various cubic defects are built in this research. Experimental results show that the embedded cubic defect with size larger than 100mm can clearly be found by using stress wave technique suggested by this thesis.
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