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標題: 施工架安全衛生措施之探討
The considerations for scaffold implementation in engineering practice
作者: 張偉武
Chang, Wei-Wu
關鍵字: Hazard analysis
Construction safety
Safety assessment
出版社: 土木工程學系所
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摘要: 近年來因施工架所造成之職業災害頻傳,其災害原因除少數無法預防之天然災害,主要為不安全狀況或勞工不安全行為所造成。本研究主要探討施工架工程施工安全之分析與防災探討,藉由營造業與職業災害統計資料,檢討施工架工程施工特性,進行作業危害分析與施工災害成因探討,並且參酌我國勞安相關法規等之規定,加以彙整後,研擬災害防止策略,供相關工程人員於進行施工安全評估或查核時之參考,希望對於職業災害之預防,能有些許之助益,期能達成降低施工災害之目標。
Frequent occupational disasters caused by falsework have occurred over the years. The root causes, except for a few cases of unpreventable natural disaster, are unsafe construction conditions or unsafe behaviors. This study focuses on the analysis of construction safety of falsework and the discussion of various disaster preventive measures. By reviewing constructional features of falsework through occupational disaster statistics, operational disasters will be analyzed and constructional disasters explored. Furthermore, in accordance with “Occupational Safety and Health Act” and other related regulations, a set of disaster prevention strategies will provided references for construction engineers in their conducting of safety assessment and checking practices. Hopefully, findings of this study will help preventing future occupational disasters and eventually achieve the goal of reducing construction disasters.
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