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標題: 卵礫石地區擋土柱開挖相關安全衛生設施之研究
The design of safety implement tutelage for the soil stanchion in the gravel and pebble area
作者: 賴義修
La, Yi -Hsiu
關鍵字: Egg gravel
Block the soil column
Construction industry
出版社: 土木工程學系所
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摘要: 由於營造業職災居各行業之冠,故有關規範營造業勞工安全衛生的相關法規甚多,而本研究是針對卵礫石地區當基礎開挖相關擋土措施,卵礫石層地質擋土措施之擋土柱開挖,相關安全衛生設施為例,加以深入探討。透過文獻資料蒐集國內主要針對擋土柱人工挖掘工法,職業災害案例進行歸納、整理與比對,再就擋土柱工法災害原因作基本學理的探討、比較。首先掌握現階段露天擋土柱開挖作業中,常發生災害的種類、型態與其潛在的危害因子,用較安全方式分析設計較可行之施全設施使用,考量於作業執行安全管理各階段中所生窒礙難行之處,以作為後續階段法規妥適性修訂建議之先前作業,期望利用科學的方法,更客觀且合理的研擬法規之修訂建議。最後則整合上述之探討,進而提出現行標準之修正建議,以及因應當前營造業施工現況之改善對策,以作為營造業者及主管機關之參考。
Because the construction industry job disaster takes the lion''s share among each industry, past related laws concerning the specification construction industry labor safe sanitation too much, and this research BE aim at an gravel and pebble region be the ground wok open cut is related to block soil of performance, gravel and pebble storey the geology block soil performance it block soil stanchion open cut, related and safe health service is example, take into a thorough study. Mainly aim at to block the soil stanchion artificial dig work logarithm of timw fitting method logt through the cultural heritage data collection home, the occupation disaster case carries on inducing, sorting and ratio to, again block the study that the disaster reason of the soil stanchion work logarithm of timw fitting method logt makes basic academic theories, compare. Control to block the soil stanchion open cut operation in the open currently first in, often the category, type of disaster happen and it latent bane factor, use a more safe way analytical the design more can go of whole facilities usage, consider to carry out a security to manage each stage to suggest by being an appropriate follow-up stage laws sex emendation in the of the obstruction difficult row got at the operation it in times before operation, expect to make use of the device of science, more objective and reasonable of draw up the emendation suggestion of laws. Finally then integrate the above-mentioned study, then put forth the redress suggestion of current standard, and respond a current construction industry construction the improvement policy of the current conditions with is the reference that constructs operator and supervisor''s institution.
其他識別: U0005-0407200814182100
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