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標題: 單氫化銣,單氫化鉀分子的光譜學初探
A preliminary spectroscopic study of RbH and KH
作者: 葉育偉
Yeh, Yu-Wei
關鍵字: RbH
出版社: 化學系所
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摘要: 本實驗原本想利用OODR光譜技術,探討氫化銣(RbH)與氫化鉀(KH)分子的電子激發態,但是我們一直在實驗的過程當中無法確認RbH與KH的存在,以致於實驗無法更近一步往下發展,所以只單純的探討一些簡單的激發光譜。
In this study, we intend to use the technique of optical- optical double resonance fluorescence depletion spectroscopy on RbH and KH in the original. But, unfortunately, we cannot identify the RbH and KH does exist in the heat pipe oven during the experiment. So our study was stuck in this procedure and can't go on. We also discuss the simple laser-excited fluorescence spectrum.
其他識別: U0005-2906200615400700
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