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標題: 單氫化鉀分子之光譜學:B1П和C1Σ+電子能態之研究
Spectroscopic study of KH: B1П and C1Σ+ states
作者: 李昂諭
Lee, Ang-Yu
關鍵字: KH
出版社: 化學系所
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摘要: 本實驗利用兩道雷射光激發的方法來確認系統中有KH分子的產生,再依同樣方法觀測單氫化鉀的B1П電子激發態。利用KH的A1Σ+-X1Σ+的躍遷來標定B1П電子激發態的J值,但由於B1П電子激發態至X1Σ+電子基態的螢光弱且受其他螢光的干擾,使得實驗上無法確認,不過考慮文獻中X1Σ+電子基態的能階值,我們可以分析B1П電子激發態的能階值。最後我們再利用雙光共振螢光減弱光譜法對C1Σ+電子激發態做初步的探測。
In this experiment, we use the way that excited by two lasers to confirm that there produced the KH molecules in the system, and then we observe the B1П electronic excited state of KH in the same way. We want to use the A1Σ+-X1Σ+ transition of KH to assign the rotational quantum numbers (J) of the B1П electronic excited state. However, the fluorescence of the B1П-X1Σ+ is weak, and there is interference with the existence of other fluorescence. Therefore, we didn't confirm by the experiment. However, we can calculate and analyze the B1П electronic excited state of KH with the term value of the X1Σ+ ground state. Finally, we do the preliminary observation of the C1Σ+ electronic excited state by optical-optical double resonance.
其他識別: U0005-2107200913551300
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