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標題: 奈米碳管場發射電流對角度關係之研究
Angular dependence of field-emission current of individual carbon nanotubes
作者: Lai, Wei-Ciao
關鍵字: angular
carbon nanotubes
出版社: 物理學系所
引用: [1] Iijima S., Nature 354, 56 (1991) [2] Louis Schlapbach & Andreas Zu?ttel, Nature 414, 355-358(2001) [3] Dai HJ, Hanfer JH and Rinzler AG, et al. Nature 384, 147(1996) [4] Hanfer JH, Cheung CL and Lieber CM. Nature 398, 761(1999) [5] 奈米碳管,成會明編著,張勁燕校訂,五南圖書出版股份有限公司2004年2月初版 [6] C. J. Edgcombe and U. Valdre, Philosophical Magazine B 82, 987-1007(2002) [7] Principle of Electron optics﹐P. W. Hawkers and E.kasper﹐Harcourt Brace Jovanovich﹐Publishers 1989
摘要: 本論文使用電子束微影束製作奈米碳管樣品,待樣品製作完成後隨即置於高真空量測系統中於壓力10-6 torr以下時進行奈米碳管的場發射電流對角度關係之量測。研究樣品包括開口奈米碳管與閉口奈米碳管各三個。 量測的結果Fowler-Nordheim equation來分析,分析的重點在於:場發射面積、增強因子以及場發射電流與角度關係,以上這三項分析的結果隨著奈米碳管的幾何特性不同而有重大的差異出現。由實驗數據與理論分析顯示出奈米碳管其場發射特性(場發射電流、場發射面積與增強因子)會因為其發射角度不同而有所差異。 三種場發射特性對角度關係中開口與閉口奈米碳管呈現著不一樣結果。開口奈米碳管中發射面積與電流發射對角度的關係呈現遞減趨勢,而增強因子呈現遞增趨勢。在閉口奈米碳管中發射面積與角度呈現遞增趨勢,增強因子與角度呈現遞減趨勢,而發射電流對角度則呈現不明朗的趨勢。
The experimental samples were made by electron beam lithography, then they were placed in a high vacuum (lower than 10-6 torr) system for the measurement of the angular dependence of field-emission current of individual carbon nanotubes. The experimental samples included three open-tip and three closed-tip carbon nanotubes. Experimental data were analyzed by the Fowler-Nordheim equation to deduce the field-emission area, enhanced factor and field-emission current. Experimental data show that the field-emission properties of carbon nanotubes (field-emission current, area and enhanced factor) are related to the field emission angle. The open-tip and closed-tip carbon nanotubes revealed different field-emission properties. For open-tip carbon nanotubes the field-emission area and current decrease with angle, whereas and the enhanced factor increases with angle. For closed-tip carbon nanotubes the field-emission area increases with angle, and the enhanced factor decreases with angle; the emission current vs. angle do not show a simple relation.
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