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標題: On the microwave transmission properties of nanomaterial assemblies
作者: 陳明玉
Chen, Ming-Yu
關鍵字: co-planar waveguide
出版社: 物理學系所
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摘要: This study experimentally study the microwave transmission through nano-materials assembled on co-planar waveguide(CPW) substrates. Firstly the measurement platform utilizing CPW substrates was improved by reducing the resistance of CPW signal line by plating, reducing the dielectric loss by using sapphire substrates, shortening the length of the CPW signal line, and using ceramic substrate in the adapter. Next, nano-materials, such as carbon nanotubes, conductive organic molecules and gold nanoparticles were assembled onto the CPW substrates for measurement of microwave transmission properties. The S-parameters and DC resistances of the samples were measured by varying temperature between room temperature and 77K. The results conclude that the microwave transmission reduces as the resistance shunting the signal line and ground plane reduces. Similar results can be simulated the experimental systems by using the software, Advanced Design System.
本研究利用共平面波導晶片量測奈米材料組裝後的微波傳輸特性。實驗第一步改善了共平面波導晶片量測平台的穿透特性:以電鍍降低共平面波導晶片訊號線的電阻、使用低介電損耗之sapphire基板、縮短共平面波導晶片訊號線長度和使用陶瓷轉接板。接著將奈米碳管、有機分子膜和金奈米粒子組裝於上述之波導晶片表面。進而研究室溫至77K變溫環境下,奈米材料組裝於波導晶片的微波傳輸。量測訊號包括樣品的S參數和DC電阻。結論是微波穿透強度因訊號線與接地間電阻變小而下降。以Advanced Design System模擬實驗系統,結果符合實驗上的觀察。
其他識別: U0005-0808201115543100
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