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標題: 同調光在非立即反應非線性介質中的光調制不穩定性
Optical Modulation Instability for a Coherent Beam in Noninstantaneous Nonlinear Media
作者: 賴柏霖
關鍵字: modulation instability
nonlinear media
出版社: 物理學系所
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摘要: This dissertation presents the research on optical modulation instability for a coherent beam in noninstantaneous nonlinear media. The noise from the spon- taneous emission of laser or the random scattering from air can be amplified by the nonlinearity, then inducing the patterns of modulation instability. Because of the unstable noise, the MI patterns change with time. We focus on the morphology affected by nonlinearity and the moving speed of spots affected by the response time of media. We observe that the spot size has no concern with response speed of material, but they become smaller linearly with higher nonlinearity. And the patterns of MI will disappear gradually when the optical intensity of input is increased. Although the MI patterns are dynamic, spots emerge specific region and getting together by adding the nonlinearity and input power.
本論文利用實驗的方法探討同調光在非立即反應非線性介質中的光調制不穩定性(optical modulation instability)。入射光雜訊被非線性效應放大因此產生調制不穩定性的圖案,然而,由於入射光雜訊的不穩定性造成圖案隨時間改變(光點會移動),改變的速率取決於材料的反應時間。我們研究材料的非線性、反應時間與圖案型態、光點移動速率之間的關係。 我們觀察到光點的大小與晶體的反應時間無關,但是隨著非線性強度的增加而線性變小。而且當光強度大於某臨界值(晶體反應速率變快)調制不穩定性現象會被抑制。另外,調制不穩定性圖案雖然是動態的,但是這些光點經常出現在特定區域;並且增加外加偏壓時,光點會向特定區域聚集。
其他識別: U0005-1707200712084100
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