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標題: Nonlinearity of microwave-induced photovoltage and photocurrent of two-dimensional electron systems and mesoscopic structures.
作者: 張哲瑋
Chang, Che-Wei
關鍵字: 2DES
出版社: 物理學系所
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摘要: 我們在調變參雜GaAs/AlGaAs異質結構的二維電子系統上製作了寬度分別為50 μm、1 μm、5 μm的窄通道,在高頻微波照射下,產生一交流電場Eac作用於元件上,測量接點間的感應光電壓( VP )及光電流( IP )。在本實驗中,我們觀察不同寬度的窄通道在溫度1.4 K和4 K,及不同的磁場下,改變頻率( 500 MHz ~ 15 GHz )及微波強度( -39 ~ 10 dBm ),比較感應光電壓及光電流傳輸特性。在磁場B = 0 T下,隨著微波強度增強( -19 ~ 10 dBm )觀察到感應光電壓及光電流以非線性方式增減的現象,且在不同位置的微波天線下都有此現象。在較微弱的微波強度( -27 dBm )以下,與理論IP正比於Eac2相符合,並且在 ±3 ( Tesla )下分析反對稱與對稱性的現象,可以看出對稱性現象是由磁場的改變所造成的電阻變化為主要因素,而影響反對稱性現象則更為複雜。
In this work, we investigate microwave-induced current and voltage of mesoscopic two-dimensional electron systems embedded in the GaAs/AlGaAs heterostructure under various magnetic fields (B). The width of the mesoscopic channels are 50 μm、1 μm、5 μm. The frequency (f) range of the microwave is 500 MHz ~ 15 GHz with power –39 dBm ~10dBm. In the high power range (> -19 dBm), the behavior of the photocurrent (IP) and the photovoltage (VP) are very nonlinear at B = 0. However, we find that IP is proportional to the square of the ac electric field (Eac) in the low amplitude range (< -27 dBm). We also find that VP and IP have maximum at f = 4 GHz. By analyzing the magnetic-field-dependent data between -3 and 3 T, we can conclude that the field-symmetric part of the photocurrent is due to the variation of resistance caused by the change of the magnetic field.
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