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標題: 利用共平面波導探測鎳鐵薄膜的鐵磁共振特性
Using coplanar waveguide to detect ferromagnetic resonance properties of Permalloy thin film
作者: Chen, Mei-Hou
關鍵字: ferromagnetic resonance
NiFe thin film
出版社: 物理學系所
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摘要: In this study, we use coplanar waveguide (CPW) to detect ferromagnetic resonance (FMR) properties of Permalloy (Ni80Fe20) thin film. We fabricated coplanar waveguide with a 100 nm thick permalloy thin film on a 4 mm × 3 mm GaAs substrate. The variations of the phase and the amplitude of microwave signals through the sample were measured by a home-made ultra-high sensitivity microwave vector meter. We found that the types and resonant frequencies are strongly affected by the coplanar patterns. The amplitude of ferromagnetic resonance at 10K is larger than that at 300K, and resonance points are obviously shifted to high magnetic field when the frequency is above 10 GHz. Moreover, we also found that the ferromagnetic resonances decrease by increasing the angle between the magnetic field and the normal of the sample surface. We fit the experiment data with is θ the theoretical model, and obtain the gyromagnetic ratio and damping factor decrease which as θ increases or temperature decreases.
本篇論文是利用共平面波導(CPW)來研究鎳鐵薄膜的鐵磁共振特性。我們在4mm × 3mm的不導電GaAs基板上製作厚100 nm的鎳鐵金屬共平面波導,並利用實驗室自製的超高感度微波向量偵測器觀察微波訊號分析微波訊號經過樣品後相位及振幅的變化。我們發現不同的共平面波導圖形會有不同的共振頻寬及形式;溫度在10K時鐵磁共振比300K有較大的共振幅度,並且共振點在頻率大於10 GHz後,明顯往高磁場偏移。然而我們同樣注意到,共振頻寬偏移現象卻會因為外加磁場對樣品法線表面的角度增加而變小。將實驗數據與理論做擬合及比較,發現旋磁性與阻尼因子會因外加磁場角度增加及溫度降低而變小。
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