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標題: Studies of reflectivity and transport properties of crystals of porphyrin doped with2CdI4-2 、4I-1 、6I-1
作者: 林維新
Lin, Wei-Xin
關鍵字: porphyrin
出版社: 物理學系所
摘要: 本論文中我們研究掺雜2CdI4-2 、4I-1 、6I-1 之porphyrin晶體:H2TEPyP-2CdI4-2、H2TEPyP-4I-1 、H2TEPyP-6I-1 ,從波長400nm~1050nm的反射偏極光譜,和傳輸特性。由光譜可以觀察到三種樣品具有porphyrin的指紋(fingerprint):B band (400nm~500nm)與Q band (500nm~700nm)。 我們改變電場方向,觀察反射光譜的變化,發現當樣品平躺時,只有H2TEPyP-2CdI4-2在B band範圍具有方向性,但在700nm~1050nm範圍,三種樣品卻都具方向性。然而當樣品直立時,則全部都無方向性。 最後我們對樣品作四點量測,每樣品各得到一個臨界溫度,當溫度高於臨界溫度時,導電率會隨溫度上升而急速上升,呈現出兩種不同的物理特性,85K與325K的導電率相差10~1000倍。
This research studies the crystals of porphyrin doped with 2CdI4-2, 4I-, and 6I- by measuring the polarized reflection spectra (400nm~1050nm) and temperature dependent transport properties. The spectra of the three samples all reveal the fingerprints of porphyrin: B band (400nm~500nm) and Q band (500nm~700nm). We observe changes in the reflection spectra, when the direction of electric field of the incident light is changed. When the samples lie down, only H2TEPyP-2CdI4-2 shows isotropic B band; however, in the range from 700nm to 1050nm, all three samples have isotropy. On the contrary, when standing, all samples show anisotropy. Resistivity measurements were conducted by the four-wire method. At temperatures higher than the critical temperature, the conductivity rises drastically with rising temperature. The conductivity increases by 10~1000 times as the temperature rises from 85K to 325K.
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