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標題: 螢光感測分光光譜儀
Spectrometer for fluorescence sensing
作者: 劉騏輔
Liu, Chi-Fu
關鍵字: 分光光譜儀
optical simulation
lens design
出版社: 物理學系所
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摘要: 本研究主要在設計分光光譜儀感測低光訊號的螢光。接續本實驗室第一代分光光譜研究[1],目標改善第一代分光光譜儀收光亮不足及結構空間的問題。第一個重點以不同鏡片組成來提高收光量,同時鏡片組要求較小的f-number。第二個重點為嘗試利用Pellin Broca稜鏡做分光元件,改變折射後光路呈直角路線以簡化結構及佔有空間的大小。 本系統光譜量測範圍在350-850nm,系統中心解析度約2.8nm。改善收光鏡組f-number由3.9降為1.59,而整體系統可收到0.1uM的低濃度螢光訊號,相較光柵攜帶式光譜儀(型號spm002,f-number4)收光效率更高。 量測結果得到在未達飽和之螢光濃度可藉由感測到的螢光訊號強度做正相關推斷。生化科技應用上可藉由滲入螢光探針,藉由螢光強度推斷即時聚合酶鏈反應(real-time polymerase chain reaction,RT-PCR)的效率[2-7],另外也有利用螢光物質接合突變病毒來做螢光標定[8]。
In this study, we design spectrometer for sensing low fluorescence signal. The goal to improve the first generation of optical spectrometer received light shortcomings and structural space [1]. The first, we improve receiving the light by using different lenses, while the lens are required a smaller f-number. The second, we try the Pellin Broca prism to change the light path, order to simplify the structure and occupy space. The spectral measurements in the range 350-850nm, System Center resolution is about 2.8nm. Improve the received optical mirror group f-number decreased from 3.9 to 1.59, the overall system can receive 0.1uM the low concentration of fluorescent signal, compared to the grating portable spectrometer (Model spm002, f-number4) received higher light extraction efficiency. Measurement results that the fluorescence signal intensity below the saturation concentration of the fluorescence can be measured by a sense of a positive correlation inferred. Biochemical application of technology can be inferred by fluorescence intensity by the infiltration of fluorescent probes, real-time polymerase chain reaction (real-time polymerase chain reaction, RT-PCR), the efficiency [2-7] There is also the use of fluorescent substances junction mutant viruses to do fluorescent calibration [8].
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