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標題: 超長光路低溫共軛焦顯微鏡
Confocal microscope with long optical path under lower temperature
作者: 洪苓瑋
Hung, Ling-Wei
關鍵字: 光學
lens design
出版社: 物理學系所
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摘要: 本研究主要為設計一組鏡身長度達1600mm,用以測量電信訊號的光學共軛焦掃描探測器。此系統除了可偵測樣品電性外,並可利用CCD即時監測,或以雷射光源激發樣品螢光,觀察共軛焦平面影像。 由於系統光路長達1600mm,會造成一般顯微鏡10倍以上的像差,因此成像鏡頭的設計是影響系統效能的關鍵因素。由本實驗室 早期開發的共軛焦顯微鏡,已經可以利用CCD感測,達到放大率4.5倍、解析度3.42um的實驗結果。 為了增進放大率與提升解析度,本研究將使用不同的鏡片組配。利用光學模擬軟體ZEMAX來設計透鏡組合以及進行光學系統的 最佳化,透過實驗驗證,設計出放大率10倍,系統解析度2.4um,作為激發光源的532nm雷射,光點大小為2um的共軛焦顯微鏡。
The object of this study aims at designing a confocal scanning detector for the optical measurement of telecommunications signals with long optical path up to 1600mm.This system can detect the electrical and CCD real-time monitoring of a sample, or using a laser light source to excite the sample fluorescence for observing the images of confocal plane. This system is more 10 times of aberration than general microscope result the system length up to 1600mm. Therefore, lens design of imaging is the key to system efficiency. At the first generation of confocal microscopy developed by our laboratory, it can take the image of the CCD monitoring with 4.5x magnification and the resolution 3.42um. For improvement magnification and increase resolution, in this study, we will try the different lens combinations. After a series of the lens design and system optimization by using the optical simulation software ZEMAX, we successfully design a confocal microscopy with10x magnification, 2.4um resolution, and the laser spot is about 2um.
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