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標題: 抗風排氣筒之最佳化參數分析研究
Optimum Parameters Analysis Of Wind-Proof Exhauster
作者: 周詩頻
Chou, Shih-Ping
關鍵字: wind-proof exhauster
height of baffle plate
angle of oblique plate
出版社: 機械工程學系
摘要: 摘 要本文主要研究抗風排氣筒的最佳化參數,所使用的燃氣為丙烷與 丁烷。分析參數包括抗風排氣筒之出口口徑尺寸、擋板高度、斜板角度。 為了了解燃燒時抗風能力,本文從事過剩空氣比、CO(廢氣)值及燃燒效 率分析。本文所研究之抗風排氣筒為抗風能力較佳且最常見之機型。實驗 方法以CNS3661號、CNS3662號、CNS13602號、CNS13603號及CNS10671號為 標準。實驗結果顯示,排氣筒出口口徑須在100mm以上,CO(廢氣)值才 符合CNS標準。就最大出口流量而言,當擋板與出口距離為37.14mm,斜板 角度為30度時有最大出口流量。就燃燒狀態而言,當擋板與出口距離 為37.14mm,斜板角度為30度時,過剩空氣比最高,CO值最低,抗風能力 最強,可惜熱效率較低。因此,考慮燃燒效率,又兼顧CO(廢氣)值符合 CNS安全標準之狀況下,建議擋板角度為45度。關鍵字:抗風排氣筒、擋 板高度、斜板角度。
AbstractThe purpose of this thesis is to investigate the optimum parameters ofwind-proof exhauster. The experimental fuels of the water heater areas Propane and Butane. The studying parameters include size of outlet,height of baffle plate and angle of oblique plate. The excess air ratio, CO ratio and combustion efficiency are measured to determine thewin-proof performance. The win-proof exhauster of the present researchis a type of well win-proof performance and simple type. The Chinese National Standard 3661, 3662, 13602, 13603, and 10671 are selected asthe guidelines in present experimental study. The results shows thatsize of outlet must be more than 100mm to satisfy the CNS requirementfor CO ratio. And there is the largest out flow occur at the distanceof 37.14mm between the outlet and the baffle plate when the obliqueplate angle degree is 30. Therefor to consult the fine combustionefficiency and to satisfy the CNS requirement for CO ratio, we advicethe angle degree of the oblique plate is 45.Key words: wind-proof exhauster, height of baffle plate, angle ofoblique plate.
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