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標題: The Characterization and Fabrication of Superconducting Coplanar Waveguide Resonators
作者: 簡維成
Chien, Wei-Cheng
關鍵字: coplanar waveguide
出版社: 奈米科學研究所
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摘要: 本研究包含兩部分。第一部份利用印刷電路板製作共平面波導共振器,結合場效應電晶體製作高速電子偵測器。共振器的共振頻率為3.86GHz。實驗發現場效應電晶體的電阻變化,可以改變共振器的共振頻率。本實驗設定工作點在場效應電晶體的電阻為20kΩ,可得到室溫下最佳的偵測靈敏度為2.9Ω/Hz1/2。 第二部份利用光學微影術,在Si基板上以Nb為材料製作超導共平面波導共振器晶片,並進行S參數量測。共振器是利用電容耦合導入高頻訊號。在2K下,共振器晶片的共振頻率為3.738GHz,品質因子約為1000。當溫度從2K增加至到6K時,共振頻率降低35MHz,Q值由1000減少至約200。
In the first part of this work, a fast field-effect detector was built by combing a field-effect transistor(FET) and a coplanar waveguide resonator. The resonator, having a resonance frequency of 3.86GHz, was fabricated on a printed circuit board. The connection of the FET to the resonator results in a change in resonance frequency modulated by the FET gate voltage, which is due to the change of FET resistance. Under the condition that the detector was operated when the FET resistance is 20kΩ, the best detection sensitivity obtained is 2.9Ω/(Hz)1/2. In the second part, superconducting coplanar waveguide resonators made of Nb on silicon substrates were fabricated. These resonantors were characterized by S-parameter measurement from room temperature to 2K. At 2K, the resonance frequency is 3.738GHz with a quality factor of about 1000. When the temperature is raised to 6K, the resonance frequency is shifted 35MHz downward, and the quality factor reduces to around 200.
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