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標題: 可控式約瑟夫森接面磁通量子位元電感效應之研究
Study of the effect of inductance on controllable Josephson-Junction flux qubit
作者: 王朝曦
Wang, Chao-Hsi
關鍵字: flux qubit
loop inductance
出版社: 奈米科學研究所
引用: 參考資料 〔1〕T. P. Orlando, J. E. Mooij, Lin Tian, Caspar H. van der Wal, L. S. Levitov, Seth Lloyd, J. J. Mazo 1999 PHYS.REV.B 60 15398. 〔2〕吳承恩 2006 清華大學博士論文. 〔3〕Goong Chen 2006“Quantum Computing Devices: Principles, Designs, and Analysis”chapter 9 . 〔4〕Y. Yu, S. Han 2002 Science 296 889-892. 〔5〕Mikio Nakahara 2008“Quantum Computing: From Linear Algebra To Physical Realizations”chapter 15 . 〔6〕T. L. Robertson, B. L. T. Plourde, P. A. Reichardt, T. Hime, C.-E. Wu, John Clarke,2006 PHYS.REV.B 73 174526. 〔7〕Y. Shimazu, K. Ochiai, E. Shinozaki 2010 Physica C 470 1555-1557. 〔8〕曾謹言 2007 量子力學 卷I. 〔9〕曾謹言, 錢伯初 1993 量子力學專題分析(上) 第12章. 〔10〕Giuliano Benenti, Giulio Casati, Giuliano Strini 2004 “Principles of Quantum Computation and Information Volume I:Basic Concepts”. 〔11〕Michel Le Bellac 2006“A Short Introduction to Quantum Information and Quantum Computation”. 〔12〕John Clarke, Frank K. Wilhelm 2008 Nature 453 1031. 〔13〕Clarke J and Braginski A(ed)2004 “The SQUID Handbook Fundamentals and Technology of SQUIDs and SQUID Systems vol 1”. 〔14〕周忠憲 2008 十月 物理雙月刊 三十卷五期 500-504. 〔15〕陳美瑜 2007 成功大學碩士論文.
摘要: 透過了幾個超導磁通量子位元的實例我們提出一個可能是當考慮到可控式的超導磁通量子位元系統之電感效應時它是否還能形成有效的量子系統,即實際上是透過系統的Hamiltonian來得知其位能項是否還是一個雙井位能(double-well potential)形式。由理論計算中可知,雙井位能在三維空間中的二維平面上呈現週期性的排列。由於這種排列方式使得當環路電感效應愈來愈大的時候,雙井位能結構因為發生傾斜情況,而使得兩態系統中態與態之間的穿隧路徑增加,最終有可能無法形成量子位元系統。
The effect of inductance on a tunable four-Josephson-Junction flux qubit system is investigated to determine whether such a system is a qubit system. In practice, the existence of the double-well potential in the Hamiltonian of the system is checked. From calculation, the system has the structure of a two-dimensional periodic double-well potential in three-dimension space. The presence of loop inductance bends the double-well potential and increases the effective tunneling path. Finally, the qubit system could be failed by the presence of loop inductance.
其他識別: U0005-2408201113361700
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