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標題: 歐安組織與東協信心建立措施比較研究
A Comparative Research on Confidence-Building Measures of OSCE and ASEAN
作者: 李玫憲
Lee, Mei-Shian
關鍵字: Confidence-Building Measures
European experience
出版社: 國際政治研究所
摘要: 摘 要 本文為歐安組織與東協CBMs比較研究,嘗試在相關文獻與客觀環境背景的基礎上,針對二者推動CBMs發展之歷程,進行系統化的比較。因此,本文採取迪斯賈汀絲(Marie-France Desjardins)CBMs觀點作為研究途徑,分別就CBMs「歐洲經驗」與「東協方式」在談判、締約、執行等三個階段之差異,探討東協推動亞太CBMs發展所面臨的問題,以作為進一步評估其發展前景之依據。研究發現,除以CBMs作為降低衝突情勢、促進區域安全合作的共同目標外,歐洲經驗與東協方式,實為本質上、過程上、制度上可以明顯區別的二種發展模式,而各階段差異亦造成東協推動亞太CBMs之限制,延緩並推遲區域安全合作之進程。最後,本文認為東協雖未能順利推動軍事CBMs,卻已在非軍事層面相關合作下,「實質上」發揮「信心建立」之功能,降低區域衝突的緊張情勢;但若欲強化國家間的可預測性與建設性關係,讓非軍事CBMs逐漸朝軍事CBMs過渡,仍將是東協推動亞太CBMs未來努力的方向。
Abstract This paper is defined as a comparative research on CBMs of OSCE and ASEAN, trying to carry out structural comparison of CBMs development of the two above actors with relative document and objective background. Therefore, this paper adopts Marie-France Desjardins's CBMs viewpoint as the research approach, individually focusing on differences of “European experience” and “ASEAN way” in three stages including negotiation, convention-signing and implementation, and discusses difficulties ASEAN faces with while promoting CBMs in Asia/Pacific region, to launch the basis for further analysis. Through research, three facts have been discovered: (1) CBMs is considered to be the common target of decreasing conflict and promoting regional security cooperation; (2) “European experience” and “ASEAN way” can be recognized to two different development models due to their nature, process and system; (3) differences in three stages limit ASEAN's promotion of CBMs in Asia/Pacific region, and delay progress of regional security cooperation. Finally, this paper holds that ASEAN has actually elaborated “Confidence-Building Measures” and lowered regional tension under non-military cooperation although ASEAN is unable to promote military CBMs successfully. Nevertheless, to strengthen predictability and structural relations between states, transition from non-military CBMs to military CBMs is the future goal for ASEAN's promotion of CBMs in Asia/Pacific region.
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